Meditation Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes

Come with me on a journey to a castle. A castle of heroes. With walls steeped in music and song and tales of magick. Clearly, we are expected for the trumpets sound our arrival. And in what a setting it lies. The island valley of Avillion where falls, not hail nor or snow. But it lies with deep meadows and orchard lawns our ponies pick their way across a watery causeway and we pass through the gates as the trumpets sound their welcome. We have been invited to join a grand company of knights and their ladies who are assembled in what is known as The Hall of Heroes.

We are here to join them in performing a rite of healing the earth and we will add our powers to aid them so,
Ten – relax.
Nine Be still
Eight go deep into yourself.
Seven and deeper.
Six beyond this place.
Five beyond time.
Four beyond eternity.
Three –so be still.
Two be still.
And One

And the trumpets summon us. We rise and make our way to the hall of heroes. As we reach the great hall there is a circle of silver set into the floor. large amethyst crystals surround the circle. In the centre of the circle burns the flame of a small oil lamp.

We are about to grow that flame magickally till it grows and glows with a blaze of love for the earth. Imagine the love that you wish to happen, pouring into the flame in the centre of the circle. Watch that flame grow knowing that love is a treasure beyond value, and it feeds the flame until it becomes a roaring fire. Feel the heat of the fire as it grows larger and larger. Pour your love into it until it reaches the edge of the circle.

Walk forward with the rest of the company walk forward and become one with the fire which consumes sorrow and takes on joy. Allow yourself to be lifted up by the love that you have created. Enraptured by the light you are transformed by the fire as it burns away fear sadness and pain. You can feel healing energising liberating joy look up into the velvety darkness above you and watch as the roof of the hall is drawn back, and you can see the night sky. Reach out and become one with your surroundings. As the love flares into a gigantic flame, it reaches up to the sky whilst its roots reach down into the earth. Taking the love, we have created down into its heart.

So, it is done. It’s time for us to leave but we may always return. For those who heal the earth are always welcome in the company of heroes.

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