A Short Meditation (12 mins)

Narrated by Soraya

This short meditation will guide you and open your main Chakras helping you to draw healing energy from infinity above (healing your spirit) and infinity below (healing your body).


Think of your Chakras as power points within your body. Although we have twenty-one minor Chakras and seven major Chakras, I will be focusing on the seven majors. Each Chakra has its own location, traditional name, common name, colour, and function. Once you are familiar with the location and function of your Chakra points you can begin to practice opening or closing them and this will help you to empower your “self” and improve your life and your health.


Traditional Name Sahasrara.       Flower:  Lotus    Location: Top of the head.           Colour: Violet

The Crown Chakra is the root of our intelligence and our centre of knowledge. If it is closed, we will not learn anything new and will make no progress in our life. 


Traditional Name Ajna. Flower Orchid, Location: Mid forehead, Colour: Indigo, Midnight Blue

The Brow Chakra, commonly known as the third eye, is the centre of our vision and open, stimulates Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear sensing), and Visualisation. This is the Chakra where we use to create our future and see situations develop in the way that we want them to.


Traditional Name Visuddha.       Flower: Bluebell               Location: Throat               Colour: Blue

This chakra covers the throat, mouth, ears, neck and governs communication. It helps us to listen with understanding, speak with wisdom and express or desires and feelings. It also helps us to listen to our intuition and manifest our goals. The Universe will provide all our needs if we “ask”.  Abundance is associated with this chakra.


Traditional Name Anahata           Flower: Rose      Location: Chest                 Colour:  Green or pink

This Chakra is associated with the heart, and unconditional Love, the love that we share with family, friends, pets, and people who we love, yet expect nothing in return. Hugging is a Heart Chakra activity. When one hugs, one is aware of what that person feels, and they are aware of what you feel. Sensitivity about being touched indicates heart chakra sensitivity. Difficulty with breathing, or with the lungs can indicate tensions in the Heart Chakra.


Traditional Name Manipura        Flower: Sunflower           Location:  Solar plexus   Colour: Orange

The Solar Plexus is associated with power, control, freedom, and the ease with which one can be themselves – ease of being. If you have an agitated stomach then you are experiencing a worry, about something that you are unsure of. Your Solar Plexus is agitated and communicating with you, and you have the choice to flee or stand and fight.


Traditional Name  Svadhisthana      Flower: Poppy    Location:  Reproductive area Colour: Deep Red

This chakra is associated with the parts of the consciousness concerned with food and sex. It is about what the body wants and needs, and what it finds pleasurable. A person’s ability to have children is also associated with this chakra. This chakra is also associated with the emotional body, and the individual’s willingness to feel their emotions. The Sacral Chakra is for sharing sexual love in a committed relationship.


Traditional Name Muladhara      Flower: Giant Oak Tree Location: The Perineum,  Colour: Brown

This Chakra is associated with security, survival, and trust, it is connected to your relationship with money, home, career and your ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. This chakra also reflects a person’s connection with their mother, and with Mother Earth. People who are not grounded can be described as “Dreamers or Airy Fairy”. People who are too grounded will display depression and despair. This Chakra provides our sense of stability.

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