A Beltane Handfasting Ritual

Narrated by Soraya


Just in case you need the text – find it below

The circle is cast leaving an opening for the wedding party. The priest and priestess wait by the altar.

The groom and his groomsman enter the circle and stand in front of the altar.

The bride and her attendant enter the circle and the brides stands by the groom.

The guests enter the circle in single file female first then male forming a circle as they go, and the guests hold hands with those on either side of them.

The Priest closes the opening and joins the priestess leading the guests in a dance clockwise around the circle.

The priest and priestess return to the altar and speaks,
“We stand in this circle made sacred by ritual and tradition to be handfasted together. Is this your wish?

The Groom answers…

The priest says, “Do you wish to be made one with this woman?”

The Groom answers…

The priest says “And you are the bride?”

The bride answers…

The Priest says, “Do you wish to be made one with this man?”

The bride answers…

The priest tells the couple to hold the rings in their right hands and to make their vows to each other. 

The groom says, “I come here of my own free will to seek the partnership of this woman. I come in love and sincerity wishing to become one with her.  I will strive to ensure her happiness and I will protect her always. I swear this before the old Gods so mote it be.”

The bride says, “I come here of my own free will to seek the partnership of this man. I come in love and sincerity wishing only to become one with him. I will strive for his happiness, and I will care for him always. This I swear before the old gods so mote it be.”

The priest says,

As the grass in the fields and the trees in the woods bow under the pressures of the storm we too must bend when the wind blows strong but as quickly as the storm comes it will ease and you will both stand strong

There will be times when it may seem hard but see your reflection in your partner and when the person you see looks sad or angry then that is the time for you to smile and to love. In return your partner will smile and love. Change your anger for love and your tears for joy.

It is a sign of your strength to admit when you are wrong and a sign that you are growing together. Always love, help, and respect one and other and know that you are truly one in the eyes of the old Gods.

In the name of the Old Gods by whatever name we know them I pronounce you hand fasted together. Now place the rings on each other’s fingers and share a kiss.

The bride and groom stand to one side while the priest or priestess brings the ceremony to a close saying.

Take for your use Guardians of air fire water and earth any powers that have not been used. The circle is now closed, and the celebration can begin when the bride and groom jump the broomstick.

Merry we meet merry we part merry to meet again,  

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