Soraya, White Witch and Author

Soraya White Witch, and Author of more than thirty books

Now that Soraya, a White Witch, Reiki Master Teacher and Internationally known Psychic Consultant, has retired she has the time to enjoy her passion for writing and narrating extracts from her books. You will be spoiled for choice especially if your liking is Witchy Romantic Novels, and Self-Help Books.

There is a short Healing Meditation or relax and listen to the Hall of Heroes or the Story of Oshin narrated by Soraya.

During her career Soraya appeared on The Heaven and Earth Show and Psychic Live and has written for national and local newspapers and magazines.

Her writing career began in the 90s as the resident Astrologer, Numerologist and Agony Aunt for the Sunday Post Newspaper and later as Astrologer and Psychic Agony Aunt for My Weekly magazine.

Soraya’s first book, ‘Book of Spells’ was published in 2000 and continues to be a best-seller although now listed as out of print it is still available on Amazon and has been updated and republished independently as Spells, Candles, Cords and Cauldrons.

Having studied Reiki to Master Teacher Level Soraya’s Reiki Courses were credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to graduate level. Having trained numerous students, several to Master teacher level, she was given by others the title of Grand Master Teacher and her training manuals are published in The Reiki Master Teacher Training Manual

This has proved to be invaluable to students who wish to embark on the Reiki Path, or to Master Teachers who wish to teach to today’s expected standards.
Soraya and her husband Martin, an artist live in Ayrshire and Martin has illustrated a few of Soraya’s books. 

Fiction and How to Books by Soraya

Reiki Training
1st Degree Reiki Training Manual
2nd Degree Reiki Training Manual
3rd Degree Reiki Training Manual
Master Teacher Reiki Training Manual
Before the Rose
The Wooden Rose
After the Rose
The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Trilogy
Hiding Knives Indie
How to Jump the Broomstick
Magickal Rune Vibrations
Psychic Guidance
Accurately Predict with Tarot and Runes
Tarot in Colour
The Witches Web and a Cyber Coven
Spells Candles Cords and Cauldrons
The Witches Handbook and Experiential Guide
Book of Tarot
Book of Runes
Book of Spells
Enhance your Psychic Powers
The Little Book Cord and Candle Magick
The Little Book of Magickal Spells
Witches Companion
The Kitchen Witch (Geddes and Grosset)
The Kitchen Witch (Interlink USA)
Recipes Wickedly Delicious Food
Best Names and Numerology
Book of Shadows Indie

Former positions include: –

  • Astrologer for the Sunday Post and My Weekly Magazine
  • Editorial Secretary for Pagan Dawn
  • Indie Author of more than thirty books including five Novels
  • Contracted Author with Geddes & Grosset – Waverly Books – Gresham Publishing
  • Creative Writing Tutor Argyll College
  • Reiki Master Teacher – Ayrshire Central Teaching Hospital
  • Contributor to Anna Franklin’s Silver Wheel Annual
  • Contributor to Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine

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