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Hiding Knives

A Story of Hope, surviving domestic abuse


Hiding Knives £7.99 plus £2 postage

Anyone who has endured and survived domestic abuse will recognise the significance of “Hiding Knives.” A simple act, done daily, but born out fear. So many people struggle with the effects of domestic violence and say nothing, believing that “It must be my fault.” THAT’S NOT TRUE. The fault always, always, always, lies with the cowardly aggressor and no one else. Reading this book may give someone the courage to walk, or run away, and to believe that “There is always Hope.” There is, but you have to take the first step.Follow Susanna’s journey as she escapes from a turbulent marriage, and then by chance, finds a new home, a new life, and Colin, a surrogate father figure who teaches her that there is always hope. She loses fear, and finds not only herself, but a fresh start, good friends, and a chance for happinessFlatmates from her college days, Lucy and Fiona, write to tell her they will be in her area, and wish to stay in her hotel, but who are they really, and will Susanna be implicated, and investigated by Police Scotland. Most people believe that they know their loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and what goes on in their lives. Do you know yours, do you really? Are you sure?


Amazone Reviews of Hiding Knives
Catherine M. gave 5 stars and said,” Inspiring. Very descriptive. Transposed to the scenery and
Great writing. This book, evoked rage, fear, anxiety and obviously joy. Many may see contrasts with someone they know being controlled. Its uplifting to see there can be a way out. I cannot wait for next book.
Delina A. gave 5 stars and said “Fabulous read. Having read The Wooden Rose Trilogy by Soraya, I couldn’t wait for this book to be published. It certainly didn’t disappoint. A fabulous read, set in Central Scotland,from Ayrshire to Argyll, a heartwarming story with a nailbiting twist. 100% recomend, roll on the next one.
Coralee gave 5 stars and said compelling and intriguing. Such a lovely book to read I was sad when I got to the end I wanted another…..


Missing £6.99 plus £2 P&P (UK)

Have you ever had a random thought about someone that you’ve not seen for ages? Suddenly your phone rings, and it’s the person that you were thinking about only seconds before. Have you ever felt that itch between your shoulders? You know the one, where you feel as though someone is staring at you. You turn around and see a friend or neighbour standing in line three stations down from the counter where you are waiting. You laugh and wave to each other. Shopping done; you get together. She says, “I’d been trying to attract your attention.” You can call it synchronicity or coincidence, fate, or karma, but when you pay attention new paths appear. Follow Tania and Nick from that first chance encounter until the surprising twist develops. This is a short story with excerpts from Soraya’s other novels


Amazon Reviews of Missing
Natalie D said “I just finished it! Oh, my goodness! I was completely engrossed in the characters and their history. The Favourite songs completely hooked me, Soraya! just when you think oh no, you think you know what’s coming next, so many twists and turns. This is gold Soraya. I loved every single minute of it. Your ability to conjure imagery is magnificent.
An Amazon Customer said, A good read with an unexpected ending.

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