Books and Narration on Casting Spells

Being a Pagan means having respect for every living thing, appreciating the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth, and everything or around it.

Here are some spells crafted for you, so that your wishes may come true.
Written by the light of the moon, use them wisely, results will come soon.
With love and respect make your plea, that it be blessed by the power of three.
Your work the Lady watches to see that it harm none so mote it be.


Spells, Candles, Cords and Cauldrons (signed) £9.99 Plus £2.00 postage

A lifetime of study in the Ancient Arts has given Soraya, a White Witch and bestselling author, valuable insight into the Power of Making Magick happen. Combining her knowledge of the Mysteries of Astrology, Numerology, Runes, and Tarot, Soraya shows you how to Empower and Create spells.


Spells, Candles, Cords and Cauldrons, is the new and updated version of Soraya’s Book of Spells and The Witches Companion.
This book offers you almost one hundred verses to accompany your spells. In an easy-to-understand way, Soraya explains how to Empower your Spells with Essential oils, Colours, Flowers, Herbs and Spices, Numerology, Runes and Tarot. Soraya tells you how to choose the best time to create the perfect spells according to the positions of the Moon, the Planets, and the Zodiac, as well as times to avoid. Included in this book are lined pages so that you can make notes of spells that you create.

An Encyclopedia for the Modern Witch

A Witches Handbook (signed) £9.99 plus £2.00 postage

The Witches Handbook, An Encyclopedia for the Modern Witch, is a new updated and combined edition of two of Soraya’s bestselling books, The Witches Companion, and Enhance your Psychic Powers, which are out of publication. Since these books have been given the category “Out of Print”, I decided to put together this combined version which gives you the new modern or experienced Witch, everything you might need for a spell or ritual, all in one place.


The Witches Web and a Cyber Coven

The Witches Web and a Cyber Coven (signed) £7.99 plus £2 postage

This latest book of Soraya’s was inspired by her online forum, Soraya’s Witches Web on Facebook. Soraya believes that she is just one small voice among many, and that the input and comments from her members and her followers are valuable and worthy of sharing, so that others can benefit from their experiences. Some stories may remind you of when you took your first steps on the path of ‘The Old Ways’, but Soraya hopes that the experiences shared may bring you confidence if you are just venturing on to this path for the first time.


An experiential guide for the modern witch

Book of Shadows, an experiential guide (signed) £10.99 plus £2 postage

This is a Book of Shadows with a difference. You will find not only blank pages but, references and suggestions for everything you need to start you on this path or help you continue your journey in the Craft of the Wise. Soraya produced this as a paperback and Ebook so that you can find what you are looking for immediately using your phone or tablet, however, the paperback version will afford you the opportunity to fill in the blank pages with your own magickal workings. A Readers Review – Helpful and insightful – I’ve read the book through however it is a book to use and refer to, as well as write your own notes as you progress in your magickal journey. The recipes at the end are particularly good, and again have room for notes of variations


Book of Shadows Ebook
Book of Shadows Paperback



Many have asked Soraya where do I start?
The Witches Companion Ebook 
The Witches Companion Paperback 

About this Book
In The Witches Companion Soraya tries to provide information on all manner of resources that can be used both for the new and the experienced witch, taking you from the first steps of recognising that you want to follow the Pagan path, to recognising what discipline to follow, and to the intricacies of performing ritual and spells.
This comprehensive guide to the Pagan World includes information on The Cycles of the Moon, Casting a Circle, Drawing Down the Moon, Spell Casting, Magickal Tools Meditation, Candle Magick, Ritual Verses Initiations, Pagan Festivals, Sabbats, Rituals, and much more.

A Readers Review –
 This book is my ESSENTIAL read! I bought it as a complete novice and it’s information is invaluable. VERY easy to understand without being ‘preachy’. Useful for anyone getting started in witchcraft, Wicca etc but unsure on which path to take. Easy to pick up and just flick to whatever you need to know doesn’t have to be read straight through. HIGHLY recommended.



Do you believe that if you wish hard enough anything is possible?

Book of Spells Ebook
Book of Spells Paperback

A Readers Review – A bookshelf must have By Louise. How refreshing it is to open a book and feel the need to finish it within the first couple of pages! I am continuously drawn back to this book for reference and sometimes purely for the sake of reading it again. I find a lot of the spells are not relevant to me but then again who can honestly say they have gone through a spell book and used them all if any!
The book is easy to read and goes into a fairly detailed description of what the craft is, why we use it, how to use it and there is even a section about where the bad press comes from for people like us!
Soraya offers her own experiences in the book when explaining why certain spells should be avoided for example the love spell that leads to a broken heart! This book is intriguing, I feel it is mostly written towards beginners but offers a nice refresher for the experienced witch too.
About this Book – Do you believe that there is a reason for everything? Do you believe that you can do more in your life?
Have you noticed that sometimes what you want happens almost before you express the desire?
Where are you now? Standing in a shop or sitting in your favourite chair at home. Perhaps someone has given you this book; perhaps you have been drawn to it. Either way, the magick has already begun.


Little Book of Spells

Witches cast their spells in rhymes, find your rhyme here.

The Little Book of Spells

About this Book – Whether you are a new witch or not you may find it difficult to find the right verse for your purpose. Rhyming gets easier the more often your practice and here are some rhymes to get you started or to stimulate your creative writing. You can use them as they are, or you can modify them to suit your purpose. Just remember the golden rules.

  • Never try to change another’s path. When asking for love, never name a specific person.
  • Never cast a spell to win the lottery. Use your words very carefully as you may get what you want in a manner that would break your heart.
  • Remain honourable and put others before yourself. Blessed Be
    A Readers Review – I give it 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars22 April 2018 – It was better then I expected, thank you!

Little Book of Cord and Candle Magick


The Little Book of Cord and Candle Magick

About this Book.- This little book of spells by Soraya is a lovely gift book using candles and cords for things like friendship, forgiveness, good luck, creativity, inspiration, gratitude, travel, wisdom, love, overcoming grief, and many more aims, hopes and good wishes.
Cords and candles are an interesting way of making spells and help you focus on your good intentions. Soraya shows you how to make each spell, and which days and times are best.

A Readers Review- Five Stars By Ozbod. A great little book for one who is into casting.