Litha, A Summer Solstice Ritual

Narrated by Soraya

The Circle cast, the temple erected, and the altar decorated with a white cloth, summer flowers, summer fruits, and green branches. In the south quarter the cauldron is filled with consecrated water with a sprinkler set beside it. The bell is rung three times.

Walk clockwise around the circle and say,

Cease from all sorrow.
Cease from all Strife
Life is for living for living is life.

Light the candle and holding it say,

Hail to the Lady – Hail to the Sun God.”

Take the sprinkler, dip it into the cauldron of consecrated water and sprinkle it around the perimeter of the circle and say,

Comes the Lord of the Greenwood,
Comes the Lord of the Greenwood,
Comes the Lord of the Greenwood,
To court of his lady fair.

Ring the bell 3 times and say,

You are he who is the Lord and the Light.
You are he who is the Sun
Let our love shine as does your radiance.
Let our love spread throughout the world as does your light.

Together with the Sun, we must know rain
As well as joy, we must also know pain
You are the life, and you are the hope.
You are death and life anew.

Without you there can be nothing,
but with you we can have all that we desire.
As you give light and life to us so is it right that we should give to others.
Let us share what we have with those who have nothing.”

Place an offering on a plate to leave for the birds’ the bees and the faerie folk and say,

“We give thanks for the richness and goodness of life.
As there must be rain and sun to make all things good,
We must also suffer pain with our joy to know all things.
Our love is ever with the God and Goddess,
for we know that everything is for our good.
Bless us now.
Keep us safely in your service.
We thank you for our crops, for our life for our love, and for our joy.
We thank you for that spark that brings us together and brings us to you.
Help us to live with love, and to love one and other.

Ring the bell three times then say

“We have met in love and friendship.
let us part the same way.
Spreading the love, we have known outward to all.
Sharing it with those we meet.

Lord and Lady, I give thanks to you for watching over us,
guarding and guiding us always.
Merry did we meet Merry do we part.
Merry may we meet again.
So Mote it be