Best Names and Numerology, another new book from Soraya

Dont give a name, give a meaningful name

Best Names and Numerology

Don’t give your child a name…
………..Give a meaningful name.

Some say it’s all in the name, but it’s all in the numbers too…

Every sound resonates to a specific vibration which creates an impression, pleasant or otherwise.

By using numerology we can decipher these vibrations and choose an appropriate name for ourselves, our children, or for any given time of the year.

We can choose the best name for a baby, the best nickname, the best day for a job interview, for a wedding, or a christening by using numerology.
This knowledge will help you to find the positive and negative influences, and to look at making changes where they may be necessary.

How you spell a name matters, change the spelling and you change the vibration.

This book contains easy to understand instructions, and almost four thousand  boys and girls names showing the influences and characteristics that their names are bestowed with.

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A review of The Wooden Rose from a reader in Houston Texas

on February 10, 2016
“The Wooden Rose” By Soraya takes us on a trip from almost 100 years ago to present time, through the lives of one family of Travelers aka Gypsies. It begins with such a happy beautiful love between Rose and Eddie that grew over the years of childhood to adulthood,only to end tragically. Then it takes us to present day with Alina and JJ and a horribly failed marriage. Alina failed to follow her instincts and was blinded by the pretty words and actions of a cheating, lying man.After the death of her parents,she finalizes see his true colors. Alina decides to visit a psychic fair to have a Tarot reading, gets mistaken for someone else and is pulled into the fair. Knowing that she used to read for friends before, she decides to take a chance and read them for others and finds she has a knack for it. She’s offered a chance to travel with the fair and she takes it, leaving behind the husband and the life she so desperately needs to escape. This sets her on a journey that leads her to true friends, true love, and her true life path.
I really enjoyed this story a lot. I did struggle with understanding the language of the Travelers in the beginning, but was able to figure it out and enjoy the beauty of it. I love how Soraya brought in touches of the metaphysical, tarot, numerology, runes, dowsing, etc. and gave brief but understandable explanations. These things are woven in a way the seems natural to telling the story.
If you have an interest in things metaphysical then this would be a nice read for you. It also has a nice mystery that is solved through the use of normal channels and tarot, etc. With quite a few splashes of love thrown in and to round it out.


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Casting a Circle

There are many different ways to prepare and cast your circle and it is important that what you do suits you so don’t be afraid to follow your instincts or choices – I have suggested an outline below but you can do what you prefer

Casting a circle and drawing the circle line

Casting a circle and drawing the circle line

Working Outside
In traditional circle casting, a broom would be used to sweep round the circle to clean it and then the broom would be used to measure the circle.

If you would like to try this, then lay the broom on its side with the bristles to the centre of the circle.

Place one stone at the bristle end and another at the spot where the end of the handle rests. Moving to the opposite end of the circle and repeating this process would give the diameter.

This process would be repeated twice more just like quartering a giant cake. This circle would now have four quarters. The first quarter is the east where the sun rises, the second quarter is south, the third quarter is west where the sun sets and the fourth quarter is north. You can now place stones in the spaces between your quarter stones and there you have it, your own circle.

Casting a circle

Casting a circle

Working Inside
Once you have decided which room you are going to work in clean it thoroughly as though you were expecting guests. Gather all the items that you want to use – Tall (dinner) Candles & holders, 4 small T-Lite candles, matches, salt, water, an Athame or wand, small dishes for water, salt and anointing oil if you are using it.

Preparing Yourself
You should also prepare yourself and you do this as you would for any other important event in your life. You can start with a warm bath with essential oils to prepare your mood. My favourites for any kind of spiritual work are marjoram and frankincense. A nice way to prepare is to lay out the clothes that you have decided to wear and any jewellery that has special meaning to you.

Place four small T-Lite candles at each corner of your bath and light them starting with the candle at the front left edge of your bath. Then light the furthest left, the furthest right and the front right candle last. Turn the water on to fill your bath and as the water is running add a few drops of your favourite oil.

Next take some Sea or Rock salt and beginning at the left of your bath sprinkle the salt into the water in a figure eight. When the temperature of the water is a you like it, place some of your favourite crystals into the water, turn out the bathroom lights and step into your bath. While you are lying there go over in your mind those tasks that which you are about to perform in your circle.

Focus your attention on the energies of the salt the water and the crystals and feel these energies cleansing and purifying your mind and body and spirit. Finish with a short meditation of your choice.

When you are ready step out of the bath and then remove the plug and allow the water to drain away. As the water drains away it will remove any negative energy. Do not remove the plug before you are out of the bath or you will drain away all the good energy that you have invoked into your body. When you are finished rinse your crystals in clean water. They can be used in your circle or kept ready for your next preparation bath.

Decorate your altar

Decorate your altar

Decorate your Altar
When you have gathered together all the items that you are going to use and you have prepared yourself and your surroundings you may move on to the next step.

Four small white candles, should be placed at each corner of your room and this should be done starting at the East, (element of air) then the South (element of fire) then the West, (element of water) and then the North (element of earth).

If you are unsure of the directions and do not have a compass, then remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are still unsure, then place your East candle to your left as you enter your room.

Various rituals and spells are listed on this site and suggestion are made for items that would be useful for specific spell casting – YOU DO NOT NEED ALL OF THEM – just use them as a guide and use what you have It is more important that your mind is focused on your intention and that your intention is honourable and does not interfere with another person’s will. Your thoughts must be pure and sincere and your wishes should be for positive reasons rather than negative ones. You must remember that whatever you put out will come back to you 3 fold.

Sit or kneel comfortably in front of your table or altar. Close your eyes and breath in picturing positive white light energy filling your body. As you breath out, breath away all negative energy. After some minutes, you will feel all tension flowing away from your mind and body.

Allow pure light energy to flow into and through your entire body filling your sacred space, filling your room. When you are completely relaxed stand up and move quietly to the east quarter of your room. Begin to draw a circle with your Athame, wand or right hand and as you do so say these words or create your own

“This circle line I now prepare
Let no one enter should they dare
This sacred space I dedicate
Filled with love and never hate
So mote it be”

Starting with the East move round your circle clockwise (finishing at the East) and light each of the four T light candles –

Move back to the centre of your circle and picking up your incense or smudge stick (lit) –

Starting and finishing at the East (Element of Air), move round your circle clockwise allowing the smoke to spiral round the perimeter line.
Return to the altar and replace the smudge stick or incense on the altar.

Light a tall Candle and starting and finishing at the South (Element of Fire) walk round the circle holding the candle high as you do so.
Return to the altar and replace the candle on the altar

Take 3 pinches of salt and add them to your dish of water. Raise your dominant hand high above you and feel the energy of the Goddess. When you feel ready put your index finger into the water stirring clockwise as you say

“Salt is life here is life
Sacred be without strife,
Salt is life here is life
Sacred be without strife,
Salt is life here is life
Blessed be without strife.”

Starting and finishing at the West (Element of Water) walk round the circle holding the dish of consecrated water, sprinkling the water round the edge of the circle
Return to the altar and replace the consecrated water on the altar

Starting and finishing at the North (Element of Earth) walk round the circle holding the dish of salt, sprinkling the salt round the edge of the circle
Return to the altar and replace the dish of salt on the altar

Using your Athame, wand or right hand make the sign of the pentacle at the four quarters starting at the East and finally above your head and on the ground in front of you saying

Hail to the East, Element of Air
Come bless us now with Light and Love and the breath of life

Hail to the South, Element of Fire
Come bless us now with Light and Love and the power of Action.

Hail to the West, Element of Water
Come bless us now with Light and love and purity

Hail to the North, Element of Earth
Come bless us now with Light and love and stability.

Raise your arms high above your head and say

“I call upon the Lord and the Lady to enter into this sacred space and witness my rite”

Once you have reached this stage you can perform any ritual of your choice remembering to give thanks at the end in the following way or in any way that you prefer and when you are finished close your circle by the method below

Move to the East candle and as you extinguish it say these words

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East
I give thanks for your presence during my ritual
take for your use any powers of Air that have not been used”

Move to the South candle and as you extinguish it say these words

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South
I give thanks for your presence during my ritual
take for your use any powers of Fire that have not been used”

Move to the West candle and as you extinguish it say these words

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West
I give thanks for your presence during my ritual
take for your use any powers of Water that have not been used”

Move to the North candle and as you extinguish it say these words

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North
I give thanks for your presence during my ritual
take for your use any powers of Earth that have not been used”

Standing in the centre of the circle, raise your arms high above your head and say these words

“This circle is now closed yet the work goes on,
I thank the Lord and The Lady for witnessing my rite
May the energies gathered here be dispersed
and return to the earth and it harm none so mote it be”

If you cannot wait for your candle to burn through you may relight it again later but each time you light your candle do so with pure thoughts and respect for what you are doing and remember what you wish for will come back to you three fold. All spells should be used for the Highest Good and should never under any circumstances be used in any way that will affect another person’s will or desire.

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Book of Tarot by Soraya

Do you know how to read Tarot accurately? Do you know the difference between the Major Arkana and the Minor Arkana?

Do you know how to read Tarot accurately?
Do you know the difference between the Major and Minor Arkana?

Soraya’s Book of Tarot
The Ordinary Playing Cards
The Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards, twenty-two Major cards, and fifty-six Minor cards. The major cards relate to life experiences brought about by the influence of Destiny, in other words the Cause.

The minor cards are the Effects that these major changes have on your life. The twenty-two major cards tell the story of our life cycles, birth, life, death, rebirth, and each one shows the influences that are brought into our life by their appearance.

The fifty-six minor cards are made up of four suits, each suit containing a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Page, followed by ten cards numbered one to ten. The Four suits are commonly referred to as Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords.

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When it became dangerous to be found with Tarot cards, due to threat of imprisonment and or death, the scholars of the Tarot concealed the four Knights and the twenty-two Major Arcana leaving fifty-two cards of four suits. Each of the remaining suits then contained a King, a Queen, and a Page, commonly known as the Jack, and ten cards numbered one to ten.

These suits were then identified as the ordinary playing cards which we know today, Clubs (Swords), Hearts (Cups), Diamonds (Pentacles), and Spades (Wands). This of course shows how it is possible to read ordinary playing cards but, not truly accurately because the Major cards which show the changes Caused by Destiny are missing and only the Effects can be shown, therefore only part of the story can be told…

Choosing Your Cards
Today there are more sets of Cards available than ever before and if you are familiar with Tarot, you will be guided by the style, design, the artist, or perhaps even the price. If however, you are choosing your first set of Tarot it is extremely important that you choose a set of cards that are illustrated throughout the entire deck……

Preparing Yourself
I must emphasise at this point that it will not be enough for you to simply buy a pack of cards, lay them out, and then look to the book to find out your answers, not even this book. This book will help you to get started and to ensure that you know about connecting in the proper manner to a higher authority.
When you get your first pack of cards, whether they have been handed down to you, been given to you as a gift, or you have purchased them yourself, it is important to remember that they do not as yet respond to your energies or vibrations. In fact you can assume that they contain, especially if they are new, many different energies or vibrations, positive and negative.
At this stage, the cards and you are strangers to each other

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Enhance your Psychic Powers by Soraya

 So you are beginning to think that you may be psychic! Well the good news is you are. We all are.

So you are beginning to think that you may be psychic! . . . Well the good news is you are. We are all psychic

Enhance your Psychic Powers

So you are beginning to think that you may be psychic! Well the good news is you are. We all are. I am sure that you can remember standing in a crowded room and feeling as though someone was staring at you.

You try to remain casual as you turn and look around and there across the room looking right at you, is an old friend grinning from ear to ear.

Instantly you forget the initial apprehension as you make your way over to your friend and you probably spend the next ten minutes laughing about your mutual experience. I say mutual because when your friend relates his or her side of the story they probably tell you that they had been watching you for ages willing you to turn around.
Well if that is not psychic what is it?

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The Collins dictionary defines this as “Outside the possibilities defined by natural laws as mental telepathy” or “Sensitive to forces not recognised by natural laws” and “A person who is sensitive to parapsychological forces or influences”
And yet how can this be outside natural laws when it is the most natural thing in the world. You cannot touch your instincts but you cannot deny them or say that they are outside the natural laws. My interpretation of a psychic is someone who is sensitive to the vibrations that are around, seen or unseen.

You know that you have instincts but the sad thing is that for most people they have forgotten how to use them. Have you ever been confined to bed after an illness or an operation and found that the first time you try to walk your legs are like jelly. Almost as though they have forgotten how to walk. It is the same with your psychic ability. If you do not use it you begin to forget how to use it. All you have to do now is practice every day and at every opportunity and soon just like walking again after an illness, you regain full strength.

Learning how to relax
The first lesson in learning how to relax is learning how to make yourself unavailable to telephone calls or visits from friends and family. You only need 30 minutes in the day or evening when you can switch off the phone and tell your loved ones not to disturb you unless of course it is an emergency. You can practice in your bath or on your bed, your favourite chair or even the floor if you prefer it.
Once the phone has been switched off make yourself warm and comfortable and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of each breath as it fills your lungs and then listen to the sound each breath makes as you breathe out.
Try to visualise each breath in as being brilliant white and healing. Don’t panic! if you think you can’t visualise you can imagine. There is a difference, imagining happens in your Crown Chakra whilst visualising happens in your Third eye. I will explain more of this later in the following pages.
As you breathe out visualise that you are breathing out all the negative energy from your body. Maintain this steady flow of watching positive healing energy filling your body and negative energy leaving your body. Gradually you will be filled with a sense of calm and peace but after a short while your logical side will try to take over and the distractions will begin. At this point all manner of things can pop in and out of your mind and the best of us can find this frustrating. Its called “Monkey Brain” and the cure is simple. Go back to visualising positive energy flowing into your body and when a distracting thought comes in send it to the back of your head and again focus on your breathing. Each time a distracting thought occurs send it to the back of your brain.
Practice this relaxation technique as often as you can and soon you will be ready for the next step.

Focus Exercise One….
Focus Exercise Two…
Focus Exercise Three…

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The Kitchen Witch by Soraya

Source: The Kitchen Witch by Soraya Source: The Kitchen Witch by Soraya

Source: The Kitchen Witch by Soraya

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The Magick has already begun

The Magick has already begun

The Magick has already begun

Do you believe that there is a reason for everything?
Do you believe that if you wish hard enough anything is possible?

Do you that you can do more in your life?
Have you noticed that sometimes what you want happens almost before you express the desire?

Where are you now? Standing in a shop or sitting in your favourite chair at home.

Perhaps someone has given you this book; perhaps you have been drawn to it.
Either way the magick has already begun.

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But what is magick? magick is the art of causing change in accordance with your will. In other words making things happen as you would wish them to. magick is simply the manipulation of energy.

Some people are afraid of magick and so they should be because magick is powerful stuff. Some say that magick is black or evil, white or good, but the truth is there is no black, white evil or good magick, its all the same. There are however good people and evil people. If your heart is filled with evil or wicked intentions then this book is not for you. But then again, perhaps it is. Perhaps this book has come to you so that you can change your ways.

The first rule of magick is “And it harm none so be it” The reason for this is simple. Whatever you put out will come back to you three fold, in other words send out good wishes or words and three times that amount will come back to you. Send out bad wishes or words and the same will apply. Three times that amount will come back to you.
To understand that you have to understand a little more of how magick works.

When we desire something the thing we normally do is to think of it. Then we might talk about it to someone close. Some people take things a little further and do something about achieving what they want. If it is an item that can be purchased, they might start saving for it. Making the magick happen is as simple as that but with knowledge and practice it can go much further.

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The Kitchen Witch by Soraya

A meal prepared with love can be as potent as any magickal potion.

A meal prepared with love can be as potent as any magickal potion.

The Kitchen Witch
For me , cooking is a magickal experience and when I am cooking, that is when I feel most ‘witchy’, combining all my fresh Goddess given ingredients and concocting pure magick.

Its nothing like the image of the witch hunched over ” bubbling cauldron, although I do have a cauldron, but a meal prepared with love can be as potent as any potion.

I love cooking for people. It’s a great way to show how much care about them.
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If a meal is made with love then you are passing that energy on to your friends and loved ones. If you are entertaining is well-intentioned even if your food isn’t perfect your dinner party will still be a success.
You don’t have to be Wiccan to enjoy this book but if you are, here are the means to celebrate all the Wiccan festivals with seasonal foods and magickal herbs and spices. I’ve also drawn on my Arabian and Scottish roots for inspiration for some of the recipes.
Incidentally I do freeze my crops for later use, I am after all a modern witch.

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Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes are my favourite

Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes are my favourite

Today, in every lifestyle, we are familiar with symbols or signs. We have them on our roads telling us to slow down, speed up or stop. Petrol Stations, supermarkets, political parties, and the medical profession all use symbols and some of them come from this ancient Nordic culture.

When we cross our fingers to make a wish, we are making another symbol called Gefu representing harmony and togetherness.

Each Rune tells a story to help us to understand or deal with issues in our life. Some Runes, no matter which way they fall look exactly the same, an x for example which is the symbol for Gefu looks the same both ways while others in the upside down position give a more negative interpretation.

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Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes have proved themselves time and again to be among the most accurate of them all. I remember the first time that I heard of them. I wondered what they were and as usual being an avid numerologist I started to work out the hidden influence in the word Rune. The numerological value in Rune is twenty-two and this number is associated with crossing a bridge.

Quite apt really since casting the Runes will allow us to cross the bridge between the present and the future. I was fascinated when I first became acquainted with Runes and I wondered how they could help me in my life.

I put them in an onyx box and kept them beside my bed. Each night before I went to sleep I would draw one Rune, thinking as I did so “What have I experienced today.” It was not long before I realised how accurate that they were. Later I would draw one in the morning asking what the day would have in store for me. I managed to take advantage of opportunities that were shown to me and to avoid some pitfalls too.

Sometimes when I would draw a Rune I would be wary of the symbol that I had chosen and imagining the worst, I would be afraid that the predicted day’s events would be disastrous. I remember on one particular mormimg, I was lying in my bed thinking about what I had to do that day. I realised with delight that I had no appointments and no pressing responsibilities. With a smile on my face at the thought of a free day I drew a Rune from my box.

The smile disappeared from my face as I looked at the Rune that I had drawn. It foretold sudden unexpected changes. I couldn’t resist the temptation to draw another Rune to try to find the influences surrounding these sudden changes. This time I drew a Rune that depicted the home and matters connected to property. More panic! I was so concerned that something not very pleasant would happen that I was afraid to go out visiting or shopping.

Around noon a large delivery van arrived with my new suite aboard. I had expected it to arrive two weeks later but here it was being delivered and I hadn’t made arrangements to have the old one uplifted. Luckily a quick call to the local charity shop solved that problem and eventually I was able to put my house back to rights with a nice new suite instead of two suites. What I am really trying to say here is, do not imagine the worst as I did when I first began to use Runes.

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The Witches Companion - one easy refererence point for modern witches

The Witches Companion – one easy refererence point for modern witches

The Witch’s Companion
Over the past few years since I finished my “Book of Spells” I have received hundreds of emails from readers telling me how much they enjoyed my book and how easy it was to read.

But many emails came from readers asking me the same question “where do I start?” In this book I will try to answer that question and provide information on all manner of resources that can be used both for the new and the experienced witch.

I can remember when I first began to follow my path, if I was trying to find a piece of information, more often than not I would have to look at three or four different books.

Click here to buy your Ebook or Print Copy

The purpose of this book is to try to provide you with one single book containing information with as much as I can find to help you to find what you are looking for with relative ease.

Following the success of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series it appears that a large number of people adults included believe that being a Pagan is all about creating magick, and casting spells. It’s not. Of course being able to change things by the power of ones will is a desirable side effect but that is not what being a Pagan is about.

Following a Wiccan or Pagan path is about knowing yourself inside and out. Following this path is about knowing right from wrong in every aspect of your life. Being a Pagan means having respect for every living thing, appreciating the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth and everything on around and related to it.

The earth, wind and sea; the seasons the sun the moon and the stars; they are all important to a Pagan. We don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to us or someone will take from us three times over, we don’t harm anyone or someone will harm us three times over.

The three principles of the Pagan Federation
As a member of the Pagan Federation we live by these three principles
i. Love for and Kinship with Nature. Reverence for the life force and its ever-renewing cycles of life and death
ii. A Positive Morality in which the individual is responsible for the discovery and development of their true nature in harmony with the outer world and community. This is often expressed as “Do what you will, as long as it harms none”.
iii. Recognition of the Divine, which transcends gender, acknowledging both the female and male aspect of the Deity.

What Discipline
The first thing that we need to establish is what kind of Pagan are you, what disciple do you or will you follow. There are many different practices to suit different tastes interests and life styles. Some people work within a coven and other work alone as solitaries.


A Coven is made up of a group (usually thirteen) people who meet on a regular basis to celebrate Pagan festivals or for the purpose of simply getting together to learn and share. The Coven would comprise of men and women who would be known as priests and priestess’s and they would be led by High Priest and a High Priestess.

Some people begin to follow the Wiccan or Pagan path as a solitary and continue to practice as a solitary from then on whilst others are invited or look for a coven to join. The advantage of working as a solitary is that you can work and develop at your own pace. The disadvantage is that being a solitary is quiet an isolating occupation. Today though we are blessed with the internet giving us the opportunity to network and speak to like minded people even though we still carry out our rituals alone.

Joining a coven is making a commitment to more than the craft it is making a commitment to the High Priestess & High Priest of the coven as well as the other members. Each coven will have its own methods practices and teachings and you will be expected to adhere to these practices and develop through various degrees of initiation.

Although I was initiated by the High Priestess of a coven I have mostly practiced my craft as a Solitary. Sometimes I work with others in the physical sense. I also have several online sisters and brothers and we keep in touch with each other by email and occasional phone calls. I suppose you could call that my Cyber Coven.

I have from time to performed initiations with novices of the craft who have requested this blessing from me and I have been honoured by their request. I have mostly lived in locations so far out in the countryside that this has largely prevented me from being part of a working coven in the true sense of the word.

White Witch

A White witch is someone who is generally a healer and who would never use their skills powers or knowledge to harm anyone. They can practice their craft entirely on their own or they can join a coven. I am a white witch and also a Reiki Teaching Master and I consider myself to be a Solitary White Witch.

Green or Hedge Witch

A Green or Hedge Witch more often than not works alone, cares for their environment and generally has a keen interest in natural remedies, particularly those which have been handed down through the years. Hedge witches often clean rubbish that other people leave lying on roadsides picnic areas and beaches. Two of my hedge witch friends do this on a regular basis. That’s not to say that they are they only ones who do this but not everyone who voluntarily cleans up roadside garbage is a witch.

I am proud to say that I have come to know and consider as a friend Kit Berry a green or natural witch, writer of The Magus of Stonewylde, Moondance of Stonewylde, and Solstice of Stonewylde. Her contribution shouts in a loud voice all that I believe about being a pagan.

This current book hopefully provides everything that you, the reader will require should you wish to perform casual, ritualistic, or full blown ceremonies but remember you need nothing more that a pure heart and a clear intention to honour the Lord and Lady and to say thanks or ask for a blessing. I am sure that you will enjoy reading Kit’s contribution of what I would call Natural magick.

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This little book I do prepare For one and all to love and share May it bring wisdom and bring light Whether it be day or night

This little book I do prepare
For one and all to love and share
May it bring wisdom and bring light
Whether it be day or night

This little book I do prepare
For one and all to love and share
May it bring wisdom and bring light
Whether it be day or night

Do your work with good intent
And your spell will fly to its intent
Never harm another soul
By word or deed or by your goal

To help another should be your aim
By air and water earth and flame
This is my wish I set you free
To be the best that you can be

And it harm none so mote it be

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Witches cast their spells in rhymes and whether you are a new witch or not you may find it difficult to find the right verse for your purpose. Rhyming gets easier the more often your practice so here are some rhymes to get you started or to stimulate your creative writing. You can use them as they are or you can modify them to suit your purpose. Just remember the golden rules.
Never try to change another’s path
When asking for love never name a specific person.
Never cast a spell to win the lottery
Use your words very carefully as you may get what you want in a manner that would break your heart.
Remain honourable and put others before yourself.
Blessed Be

Air I am

Recite this over and over again to focus your mind or just to feel good and connect to your higher power. These are not my words but are commonly used by witches all over.
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am.
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am

In this book you will find how to Magick verses, Magick for Healing, Magick for Protection, and much more…

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This delightfull book is a must for the modern witch and comes in hardback pocket size or Ebook versions.

Click here to buy your Ebook or Print Copy

“Here are some spells crafted for you, so that your wishes may come true
Written by light of the moon, use them wisely, results will come soon
With love and respect, you make your plea. That it be blessed by the power of three
Your work the Lady watches to see that it harm none so mote it be”

Cord and Candle Magick can be used to carry out spell work and these methods are effective and enjoyable.

Cord and Candle Magick can be used to carry out spell work and these methods are effective and enjoyable.

Cord and Candle Magick can be used to carry out spell work and these methods are effective and enjoyable. The colours, numbers, herbs, spices, and symbols that you use to work your magick are just as important as your words and the timing can be crucial too. A spell to make something happen should be created from the moon’s first quarter until the moon is full.

A spell to make something stop or go away should be created when the moon is waning (getting smaller). This would be carried out on from the first day after the full moon until the dark moon just before the first quarter; these methods require time to prepare and should be done in circle. Cast your circle in the method shown below. When everything is in place sit at your altar and begin to work on your chosen method whether it is cord magick or candle magick.

Simple steps to cast your circle
1    Gather your tools and lay them on your altar
2    Focus your attention on the Lord, Lady or both
3    Draw your circle line from east to north
4    Place a T-lite candle at each quarter beginning at the east and ending at the north
5    Carry a burning incense stick around your each of the quarters from the east to the north. This represents the element of Air
6    Light each of the four T-lite candles starting at the east. This represents the element of Fire
7    Sprinkle some water around the circle line starting at the east. This represents the element of Water
8    Sprinkle some salt around the perimeter of your circle from the east to the north. This represents the element of Earth
9    Draw a pentacle at each of the four quarters from the east to the north and say a little prayer to ask the guardians of each quarter to guide you in your work. You can say something simple such as “May the guardian of air guide and protect me” and at the south “May the guardian of fire guide and protect me” Repeat this for each quarter.
Your circle is now ready and you can sit or stand in your circle say your prayers to the Lord or the Lady or both and if you have a magickal intention you can state it now. Any magickal work such as healing work, making or performing spells, performing rituals, candle or cord magick, or creating verses for future use.

Closing your Circle
When you are ready to close your circle, you can follow these steps
1    Give thanks to the Lord or Lady or both for listening to you
2    Move around your circle starting at the east snuffing out your candles and thanking each of the quarter guardians for assisting you in your work
3    When you are finished say “the circle is now closed but the work will continue until it is done “And it harm none so mote it be”…

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Reiki Training Manual

Reiki Training Manual By Reiki Master Teacher Soraya
Copyright © 2012 Soraya
All rights reserved.

For students who wish to embark on the Reiki Path and for Master Teachers who wish to adopt best practice for teaching Reiki in today’s society.

Reiki Training Manual For students who wish to embark on the Reiki Path and for Master Teachers who wish to adopt best practice for teaching Reiki in today’s society.

Reiki Training Manual For students who wish to embark on the Reiki Path and for Master Teachers who wish to adopt best practice for teaching Reiki in today’s society.

This training manual has been prepared to show you what you should expect from a Reiki Training Course. It will not give you the ability to offer Reiki treatments or training.

You can offer Reiki treatments after a Reiki Master Teacher has attuned you to Reiki in a sacred ceremony.

You can offer Reiki training after a Reiki Master Teacher has taught and attuned you to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree (known as Master Level and finally Master Teacher Level.

You may receive more than is shown here from your potential Master Teacher and that will be an added benefit however, you should expect nothing less than is contained in this manual.

Click here to buy your Ebook or Print Copy
If you are already a Master Teacher, or are, hoping to become one then this manual should help to fill any gaps in your existing knowledge and practice. Moreover, if you decide to embark on the long arduous expensive route to obtain a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) accreditation, this manual will help you to prepare for that.

In the Hawayo Takata method of teaching Reiki, taking written words from the training class was forbidden. Whilst this in itself protected the Reiki secrets, it also had many disadvantages for those students who, after completing the 2nd level, could not remember the symbols they had been shown. Whilst some may argue that if they could not remember the symbols then they were not paying enough attention, others may say that having paid for a course taking notes home would allow them to continue their studie.

In today’s society, everything must meet certain standards and have an industry standard method of compliance and certification, and this brings me to the start of my quest. I knew from taking my first Reiki course that I wanted to teach Reiki and that I would continue my studies until I had reached that level.

My journey was an eventful one and opened my eyes to political agendas and a core of misunderstandings in the Reiki levels that surprised and disappointed me. I contacted several official educational organisations to find support for Reiki Courses and eventually The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) were the only organisation who were prepared to advise me on the way forward.

This way forward took three years to achieve and cost a considerable amount of money but has allowed me to present my courses in a way that complies with a certified method of teaching yet still adheres to the handed down Reiki tradition. At the time of writing, no other Reiki Trainers had this accreditation. The LWF Reiki training courses had the following SCQF credit levels:-
1st Degree Reiki level 6 (Higher equivalent)
2nd Degree Course level 7 (Adv Higher equivalent)
3rd Degree /Master level 8 (HND equivalent).
Master Teacher Level 9 (Graduate equivalent).
This training manual should help you to learn and teach Reiki to an acceptable standard or to achieve your own SQA accreditation.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a healing system that allows you to heal yourself and others by channelling Reiki energy through the hands. Reiki is easy to learn and easy to use, and anyone can do it. Reiki is pronounced “ray-key”, “Rei” which means “Universal”, and “Ki” which means “spirit”, “energy”, or “life force”. These two words used together also mean enlightenment. They represent the universal spirit coming together with our own. A Reiki Master Teacher must attune an individual during a training course before the individual can practice Reiki.

There are two types of Attunements. When a student attains the Master degree, he or she learns how to perform a ‘Healing Attunement’. A Master Teacher in a sacred ceremony performs the 2nd type of Attunement during a training course. This is where the confusion occurs.

To be specific only a Master Teacher can attune a person to 1st, 2nd or 3rd or Master Teacher degree Reiki. Once a person has been “attuned” to Reiki by a Master Teacher, they can perform treatments on anyone or anything. The practitioner who is giving the treatment is not healing or providing a cure. They are simply channelling healing energy, which stimulates the body’s ability to start the self-healing process.

Reiki energy enters through the Crown Chakra, through the Heart Chakra and then through the palms of the practitioner’s hands into the person receiving the Reiki. This phenomenon is what separates Reiki from all other types of healing therapies. Done properly, giving a Reiki treatment to a person should energise rather than drain or debilitate the practitioner. Both the practitioner and recipient receive Reiki during a treatment.

Reiki works on all levels, physical, spiritual, and emotional, and studies have shown that it speeds wound healing time, lowers high blood pressure, reduces stress, and is effective as part of a regime to manage pain. Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medical care; it acts in a complimentary way to stimulate the healing process. It is not a religion and the person who is receiving the treatment does not have to believe in it or anything else.

The History of Reiki
Mikao Usui -Dr. Mikao Usui was born August 15th, 1865 in the village of Yago. Usui studied Buddhism, a form of Chi Kung, and other oriental healing systems. Most stories of the history describe Usui as a scholarly, bright, and hard working student.
Around 1914, he went to meditate at Mt. Kurama, and underwent a 21-day period of meditation and fasting. At the end of this 21-day meditation, the Reiki Energy entered his Crown Chakra and he discovered that he had received a great gift of healing…

Chujiro Hayashi -In 1925, Mikao Usui trained Chujiro Hayashi, an ex-naval officer and doctor in the Japanese navy, who later established his own clinic. Some suggest that Hayashi‘s military background prompted the introduction of specific hand positions though Mikao stated that Reiki was like water and flowed to wherever it was required…

Hawayo Takata was born on December 24th 1900, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. During a visit to Japan, she attended Dr Hayashi’s clinic and began receiving Reiki treatments. She was so impressed with the results that she began to study Reiki with Chujiro Hayashi and later he journeyed to Hawaii to help Hawayo Takata to establish Reiki in Hawaii…

Breakaway Groups
Since Hawayo Takata’s death several break away groups have formed for several different reasons. One of the first Master Teachers to break away was Barbara Weber Ray an American, whose background was in teaching and administration. Since then there have been groups and individuals who have gone on to teach Reiki, some have done so with formal training whilst others have had no training whatsoever. This has, over time, created a fragmentation of individuals who through no fault of their own are teaching Reiki but who are not maintaining the original handed down-method of teaching nor the professional standards that are necessary in today’s society…

Reiki Ethics
At 1st degree, you may practice Reiki on yourself, members of your family, and those within your close circle of friends.
At 2nd degree you must have and maintain appropriate insurance in order to practice on others, whether you do so for free or with charges.
At 3rd degree, you must be aware that your actions are an example for others to follow therefore you must maintain the highest standards of attitude and demeanour.
As a Master Teacher, you should maintain the highest level of conduct and support others who are below your degree level. You should teach to the best of your ability and remember to give back in kind the blessing that you receive…

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Psychic Guidance by Soraya

The next best thing to having a private consultation with Soraya

The next best thing to having a private consultation with Soraya

This book is dedicated to everyone who has struggled with life’s daily challenges or who has witnessed others who are suffering.

“Just your imagination?
Of course it’s your imagination!
This world is your imagination
Have you forgotten?”
By Richard Bach from The Messiah’s Handbook

Click Here to Read a Sample or buy your copy

How to find your Answer

From time to time in our lives we meet difficult situations or events. More often than not we are unable or unsure of how to deal with them.
Some of us turn to Tarot or Runes if we have them and know how to use them. There are other disciplines that can be consulted too like the I Ching or Astrology. We can’t all tell the future though, and not everyone understands Tarot or Runes.
For instance, if you had a problem and had access to a deck of Tarot cards, would you know what any particular card meant if you drew one for guidance. Perhaps not, so what action do you take, where do you get guidance when you need it?
Tarot, Runes and all the other disciplines work by chance, the chance that you will pick one card over another or when using Runes, one stone instead of another. This book works on the same chance principle.
In the following pages are 365 predictions that I have put together using various disciplines. All you have to do is focus your mind on the situation that concerns you.
If you are using a digital version simply scroll through the chapter headings and select one at random or select an chapter number and there you will find your answer.
If you are using a paper version of the book, keep the book closed while you think of your question and then open at a random page or think of a page number to find your answer.
I hope that you will find guidance that will help you to deal with your challenge.
Blessings Soraya

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The Wooden Rose by Soraya


The Wooden Rose will take you on an emotional journey where you will feel the pain of loss and the joy of discovering friendship love and family.

In the 1880’s gypsy lad Eddie carves a token of his love from a piece of wood and gives it to his sweetheart. Through love and life, tragedy and sorrow, the wooden rose bridges the gap and brings the past into the present.

With the rose newly in her possession, Alina Webster is facing her own challenges and life changing circumstances but a chance encounter helps her to find her true path and establish herself as a professional psychic consultant based in Glasgow.

The frequent appearance of an old gypsy woman in her dreams worries Alina but as she opens herself to her abilities she begins to use her knowledge of Tarot, Runes and Numerology to investigate the reason for the old gypsy woman’s appearance and discovers a long forgotten murder mystery. In the process the rose creates a catalyst that restores love friendship but above all family to Alina’s life.

Click Here to Read a Sample or buy your copy

Reviews of The Wooden Rose
This was a lovely read: refreshingly different. The author leads us through a tragedy in a traditional Romany community through to its long reaching repercussions in today’s modern world. You reluctantly leave the ancient traditions of the charming rural community only to be rewarded by the twists and turns faced by our modern heroine. The characters are beautifully observed and the sentiments within are strong but never over done. I couldn’t put it down and look forward to reading more of this author’s work. From Brenda Frew

I don’t know how many of you saw the book called the wooden rose written and advertised by, Soraya on the pagan market. But I am half way through the book and although different circumstances I feel like I am reading my own emotional journey. The book is not only moving but anyone beginning the tarot I really recommend this book. Has anyone else ever thought as they began too read I have been sent this book for a reason? From Cas Smith‎

I have read the book a couple of months back Cas and it so well written, Soraya is an awesome writer, i could not put the book down until I finished it so I read it in a day, and like yourself i found so many coincidences with my own life’s journey and absolutely YES, i did think i had been sent the book for a reason and also a connection with Soraya too..Cant wait for the follow up. From Roz Johnston

Soraya’s latest book, The Wooden Rose, is absolutely FABULOUS. I am not giving anything away but it is so full of descriptive detail that the reader gets totally lost in it.
From Janette Mowat

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An Autumn Equinox (Mabon) Ritual

Mabon Ritual for Gratitude/Protection
Now is the time to give thanks for the summer blessings that we have received but we should also think about the coming months and the way the weather will change and the effects that this will have on the land the frail the elderly and sometimes the young too. We are blessed indeed in this modern society that we don’t have to go out in the cold and the wet to the outside barn to collect from our stores and we are blessed too with plentiful supplies of foods and medicines all year round. But don’t be fooled by that because there are still those among us who have little. There are still those among us who are sick or elderly and in poor health and we should spare a thought and perform a kind deed or give to a charity in gratitude that we are better off than they because no matter how bad you may think things are there is always someone who is worse off than you.
Think of these things whilst you celebrate this Mabon and perform a suitable ritual of your choice or use the one below.
Cast your circle in the usual way and decorate your altar with the appropriate colours herbs spices or flowers and any other items. You can use the verse below or another of your choice to suit your ritual.

Thanks we give for all received
From seeds that we have sown
We watched our crops in fields of green
And we’re blessed with what we’ve grown

Soon winter comes and we grow cold
Though fires burning brightly
We tend the frail we tend the old
We keep our vigil nightly

We here do ask our stocks and stores
Our flour for bread our harvest too
May keep again till springtime comes
And last the winter through
When you have finished close your circle in the normal fashion.

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Litha Ritual – Summer Solstice

Litha Ritual – Summer Solstice.

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Buy your 1st edition signed authors copy direct from Soraya £7.99 plus P&P

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Protection Spell – For your home

Gather all the rusty bent pins, nails, and screws that you can find. Place them in a jar and write the following verse on a piece of paper. Place the verse in the jar, cover with its lid, and bury the jar outside near your door.

If you do not have anywhere that you can do this you can use a small jar such as an empty makeup or moisturiser container instead and plant it in a flowerpot and place it just inside your front door.

If you also have a back door, use two jars so that you are protected at each side of your home.

Little bottle full of pins
Sharp and jagged edges
Keep away the ones who sins
Away from all our hedges
Keep us safe and keep us warm
Watch o’er us when we’re sleeping
Keep us safe and free from harm
And always in your keeping

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Fertility Spell

Prepare your altar with items that represent fertility, for example, an egg, a moonstone crystal, the rune symbol Beork, baby rattles or a cuddly toy. Cast your circle and when you are ready recite this verse
Vesta Vesta hear my plea
Let my own child come to me
Let my child of good health be
Vesta Vesta hear my plea
And it harm none so be it.

or use this verse

Ripe as seeds grow blessed with life
Fertile be my love my life
Sacred be this spell this day
Fertility to come my way
And it harm none so mote it be

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