Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses


The Lightworkers Foundation Usui Tibetan Reiki Training Courses are the only Reiki Courses to have been Credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and teach to the following equivalent levels
1st degree Reiki is equivalent to SCQF level 6 (5 credit points) –
2nd degree Reiki is equivalent to SCQF level 7 (5 credit points)
3rd degree Reiki is equivalent to SCQF level 8 (7 credit points)
Master Teacher Degree Reiki is equivalent to SCQF Level 9 (27 Credits)


Training courses can be arranged in
South Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire, Paisley, and Lochaber

Tel 01292 540740  – Mob 07885 768452

Students participate in a one or two day course depending on the number of students attending. Following each course, a student should practice for a period of four to six weeks and submit case studies and an assessment paper. On completion of each course, students receive a training manual and certificates are issued once the assessment has been submitted.
1st Degree Reiki Cost £125
1st Degree Reiki is the probationary level and confidence and experience can only be developed by practice and serious application. 1st Degree is primarily for “the self”. You may decide that you only wish to participate in the first level and this is acceptable.

2nd Degree Reiki Cost £250
2nd Degree Reiki level is known as the practitioner level. This is an entirely different learning experience and you will be required to memorise the names and sounds Reiki symbols. Although this course is fairly intense it is also a very enjoyable experience which qualifies you to begin working with clients on a professional level.

3rd Degree Reiki Cost £300 –
3rd Degree, Master level Reiki course is a much more spiritual course during which you will also be taught how to perform the Attunements to the 2nd Degree level as part of the healing process in cases of serious, chronic, or terminal illness; generally performed on carers of the chronically or terminally ill so that they can provide healing sessions as and when the patients require them, rather than waiting for the availability of a master practitioner. This is not a license to teach Reiki. Reiki can only be taught once the student has completed a teacher training course.

Train in South Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire, Paisley, and Lochaber
Tel 01292 540740 – Mob 07885 768452


Reiki Training Manual For students who wish to embark on the Reiki Path and for Master Teachers who wish to adopt best practice for teaching Reiki in today’s society.

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