Soraya, Bestselling Author

Soraya now retired, drew the attention of the media when she predicted, (on tape), a massive win for one of her clients who then won £2.8 million on The National Lottery.

  • International Psychic Consultant, Astrologer, White Witch, SQA accredited Reiki Teaching Master and Best Selling Author of more than 20 books

Soraya has made TV & Radio appearances and written for national and local newspapers and magazines. She retired from her position as resident Astrologer and Psychic Agony Aunt with the Sunday Post to honour a writing contract with Geddes & Grosset. Since then she has had more than 20 books published.
As the founder of the Lightworkers Foundation Reiki Training, Soraya’s greatest achievement was having her Reiki Courses Credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and she is the only Reiki Master teacher in Scotland to receive this recognition.

Former positions include:-

  • Astrologer for the Sunday Post and My Weekly Magazine
  • Editorial Secretary for Pagan Dawn
  • Indie Author of more thatn 20 books including Novels and, How to and Self Help Books
  • Contracted Author with Geddes & Grosset – Waverly Books Gresham Publishing
  • Creative Writing Tutor Argyll College
  • Reiki Master Teacher – Ayrshire Central Teaching Hospital
  • Contributor to Anna Franklin’s Silver Wheel Annual
  • Contributor to Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine

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