Repel School Bullies Spell Verse

To Repel School Bullies Spell Verse

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And it Harm None So Mote It Be

Witches never ever harm anyone because we know the three fold rule

“Whatever you put out will come back to you three times over.”

We can send back whatever harm anyone sends or performs on us.

Here is a simple verse that can be recited or printed that anyone can safely use. If you are not a practising witch, simply light a candle, sit quietly and recite the verse. Remember spell craft is all about the intention. Blessed Be. And it harm none so mote it be.

About Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author

Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author of more than thirty Pagan-Wiccan self-help books and five romantic paranormal novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose. Missing and Hiding Knives.
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