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Contents 24th September 2017

Witches Web Members Birthday Greetings – Words of Wisdom
Something to make you laugh from Sandra’s Smiles – Moonwolfs Inspiration – Trees –
Your Horoscope- What Makes Virgo Tick – Competition for a signed copy of Book of Spells


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Words of Wisdom


Sandra’s Smiles


Sandra’s Smiles

A man died and went to Heaven. As he stood in front of the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks for?”
St. Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone who has ever been on earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie, the hands on your clock move.”
“Oh”, said the man. “Whose clock is that?”

“That’s Mother Teresa’s”, replied St. Peter.  “The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.”
“Incredible”, said the man.  “And whose clock is that one?”
St. Peter responded, “That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abraham told only two lies in his entire life.”
“Where’s Hillary Clinton’s clock?” asked the man.  St. Peter replied, “We’re using it as a ceiling fan.


Moonwolf’s Inspiration

 Moonwolf’s Inspiration

I’d like to say that its good to be back in dreich Scotland after a week in the Sun, but I was taught not to lie, so I wont! Haha! What IS good though, is to be back home. And that’s what I’m talking about this week. Home.

They say Home is where the heart is, and that is so true. Growing up, I was brought up in the North East in Bishop Auckland. I had friends and a job there, but I never felt that I completely fitted in. I never really ‘fitted’ in anywhere.

Then I moved to Scotland. I eventually met my spouse and settled down near Loch Lomond. Before this, I lived for several years on the South Side – and still didn’t really ‘fit’. Because, although I had a house, it was never really home. It didn’t wrap itself around me like it was supposed to, nor did I feel the sense of contentment that one expects.
But now, I am completely at ‘home’ and at peace. That’s because this is where my heart lies! Cheesy perhaps, but think back over the years and I am certain you will get what I mean here.
But the heart doesn’t always mean a relationship. For me, using the above example, it certainly was, but it can also allude to other things such as feeling at home in your job, in your path, in your own journey. Unless we are following the path our HEART dictates, we rarely feel absolutely fitted in and ‘at home’.

We cannot direct the wind

For example, I like my job, but it isn’t what I ultimately want and it’s not where my heart lies, so I cannot feel completely at home there…… see the point?
Now, there are many reasons why these things don’t just happen suddenly. I am not advocating that we all suddenly go into work on Monday and hand in our notices – that would be silly and irresponsible – we have bills to pay and food to buy, but it does give us a responsibility to start to work towards what our heart desires. Because this is it!

We have one lifetime here (that we remember anyway!) We all find excuses for not doing the things our heart pulls us towards….like it’s too expensive, or the time isn’t right…. But that’s all they are – excuses. Reasons not to move to where we are truly at home, because moving (as Soraya will agree) is tiring, stressful and full of upheaval, and nobody in their right mind would ask for that would they? But the end result – is feeling totally comfortable and at HOME where we end up, because that’s exactly where our hearts are leading us. So this week, with love and light, I challenge you to consider where is your home? Where is your heart? And begin to work towards joining the two in perfect union!

Where my heart is






From Soraya … You are absolutely right Mel and I am home






Some of you may understand what the fuss is about (I hope so) and some of you may not (I hope not) but trees are important to our survival. Apart from anything else they are magnificent and beautiful and Witches ahve used their power and magick for centuries.

One of the first, if not the first conversation I had with my husband Martin was about tree that had been cut down and left to bleed on the side of the road, known as Witches Wigg, near where I lived. I was really upset and blurted out my feeling when I happened to meet Martin by chance. He too agreed with me and from then on I thought of him as “That nice man that likes trees.” The first gift I bought him was a book called ‘The Book of Remarkable Trees’. So I understand totally how Loki feels and what prompted her to write this…(some of you may have already read this but in my popinion its worth reading again).

From Loki:- They’re going to be felling in my forest to get rid of the diseased larch trees, I hope they take more care this time. Once I went to visit and got the shock of my life, I was devastated and wrote this as a result:

Fallen Warriors.

Like so many fallen warriors
They lay scattered all around
A heaviness hung within the air
The forest was devoid of all sound

Who would mourn their passing?
Would anyone actually care?
On seeing the devastation
Of a forest despoiled and laid bare

I mourned their passing
I cried and cried and cried
Quite unable to comprehend
Why so many trees had died

The guardians of the forest
Were beside themselves with woe
The Dryads lay down with their fallen trees
They had no place left to go

No care was taken over felling
They just hacked and sawed without thought
My forest would never be the same again, alas
And it was my very favourite haunt

I salute you, fallen warriors
Though several years have now passed by
For the memory of that awful day
Will remain with me ’til I die. ______________________________________________________________

Trees inspire us

And from Carly Ferguson
To celebrate tiday I went into the Glen where I grew up and sat with the trees. I was inspired and wrote this rhyme, I hope it’s ok to share… absolutely Carly




Fallen Leaves,
No where else to be.
Gently accepting the ebb and flow of the tree.

Autumn moves in,
The balance of night and day.
Cosy blankets and slippers, Snuggle the evenings away.

Mabon is here, a time to rejoice
In the love found in nature and our spiritual choice.


24th September 2017 Horoscope

Well Aries, everyone else may be complaining, but with Jupiter in its current position in your chart you will be very happy and if you are not then you probably only have yourself to blame. Rest assured things will take a distinct turn for the better.
Sometimes things just go wrong and chaos ensues. In this current period the Moon squares up to Mercury in your chart and this tends to have a disturbing effect on your surroundings. Watch what you say and do.
Have as real good think about where you are and what you want as far as your long range goals are concerned and bear in mind that during this Sabbat, magickal work regarding new beginnings is very appropriate.
Things remain pretty much as they were last week with much to see and attend to however between the 29th September and the 2nd of October the Moon will square up to Venus and you can be sure that this will bring disappointment or disagreements.
So this is how it is (and I hate to say this as I am married to a Leo but) Mercury will be in opposition to itself. As I have said before its like having an argument in the mirror. Expect communication problems and mental frustration.
In your case Virgo, unlike Leo, the Moon is admiring itself in that mirror making this a very pleasant and fortunate period and you can expect some positive change to occur. As Jupiter joins the party everything will improve and you will benefit socially and financially.
The Moon and Mercury have decided its time to get together and reorganise your life or more specifically your mindset. Your curiosity will be stimulated and if you act on this influence you can only improve your circumstances
Don’t expect too much to happen this week apart from some interesting attractions which may or may not last the test of time. The intellect will be more stimulating than the emotions.
Keep singing Sagittarius and with the arrival of Mercury you might find that you have the ability to rap like the best of them. Sorry just had to stop and have a wee laugh to myself at the thought of that.
Born under this sign, I am excited to tell you that this should be a really great period (I can hardly contain my excitement) The attractive and compelling side of our nature will come to the fore. New friendships will be made sudden financial gains can be expected.
My best friend is this sign and he is the only person who can make me rage largely due to communication errors. May the Goddess help us both as the Moon square up to Mercury. Are you listening Aquarius? WHATCH WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT.
Neptune will be active in your chart between the 26the and 29the of September and in its position with the Moon you may find that you will come across uncommon, unique or downright odd characters. This is a psychic rather than a mental influence.



Libra, the Seventh Sign of the Zodiac
23rd September – 22nd October.

Libra is an Air sign which is a Cardinal sign.




Your fortunate gemstones are Opal, Pink Jasper, and Chrysolite.
Your ruling planet is Venus
Your colours are green and light blues
The numbers six and nine will be lucky for you.
Your best day of the week is Friday
Your best location to live or work in is anywhere where there is lots of social activity.
Your best choices of occupations are in the fields of Law, Import and Export, the Armed Forces, Music and Art.
You are most compatible with the signs Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, but you do not favour the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.

Many of the most beautiful women and handsomest men are born under your sign. You are charming, often graceful, generous and loyal but with a word or a look can cut to the bone. You love the company of others and then without much warning you need your own space and have no difficulty in creating it.

Your sign governs the loins, kidneys and back reflecting the most vulnerable areas in your body and care should be taken to avoid depression, fatigue and moodiness.

In affairs of the heart, you can be affectionate tender and romantic but you do not always display your feelings. You are very selective when making friends and can take instant likes or dislikes to people but once you have accepted someone, you will be very loyal.

Financially, you can go between one extreme and the other being a big spender one minute and the next you will behave like a miser.

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