18th April 2016 Horoscope by Soraya

18 April 2016 Horoscope

Aries, the First Sign of the Zodiac: 21st March - 20th April


The Moon and Saturn will gently steer you through this particular period and lead you into a more settled period, in the meantime guard your feelings. It will be better, in the long run, to keep them to yourself. Use this time for reflection rather than action.


This is an excellent period to keep company with the opposite sex while Venus and Mars are active. During this time, until the 2nd of May, responding to those whom you find attractive should bring a satisfactory outcome. Many of your hopes and wishes can be achieved under this planetary influence.


The beginning of the week should progress without any remarkable incidents however towards the 22nd of May you may find that you are placed in the middle of some important radical changes. You may find it difficult to achieve all that is required of you but your best is all that is required.


For a few days at least, you will find that things are settling down for you, and there will be time and room to begin something new that may also stimulate new friendships. This is a fortunate planetary influence and you should experience various pleasant changes.


This week may begin with a slow and steady start however things will begin to pick up speed and you may find that there is more for you to do than you had originally anticipated however your energy levels should be high enough to compensate for the additional responsibilities.


The Moon and Jupiter are in a perfect position to bring you good fortune and general prosperity. If you were planning something new then you will find that this is the perfect time for beginning anything new. Make the most of this time by concluding any unfinished business or personal matters.


Take it easy during this period especially while Venus and Pluto influence your chart with passionately intense desires. Sometimes you can make what you want happen but at other times, such as now you may find that what you want does not materialise. Perhaps it is because what you want is not what you need.


The Moon squares up to Saturn until the 18th of April making this a critical period as far as everyday affairs are concerned. Be careful how you handle all your relationships especially on the home front. There is likely to be a tendency to become despondent however this period is short lived.


The arrival of the Moon and Sun in your chart should make this a period when you can expect some beneficial changes, with the probability of better prospects in the immediate future. From a financial standpoint, you will see some improvements and all of these things should make your domestic surroundings peaceful and harmonious.


There are likely to be a few pleasant influences at the beginning of the week however, this may not last very long, and later you may find that you are worrying about another person’s problem. Worrying will not help you or solve the problem but there is a solution.


This could be a dull and uninteresting period but don’t complain, better that than a difficult period. Towards the end of the week an artistic urge may need to be filled and you may feel inspired to create something beautiful.


Neptune is likely to have some fun with you as it creeps into your chart. Accompanied by the Moon you may find that you have the urge or develop and interest in all things spiritual or metaphysical. This is not a bad influences but I can guarantee that it will be different.

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