11th April 2016 Horoscope by Soraya

Aries Free Horoscope

You may find yourself arranging and re arranging your surroundings during this awkward period, still it is better to be doing that than getting into arguments and disagreements over things that are lost and cannot be found. Who last had it anyway?

Your happy mood continues and others, infected by your optimism will want to share your company and your time and why not? This is a good period for socialising, doing things that give you and others some pleasure. Make hay while the sun shines for tomorrow it could be raining again.

This is not a very good period for you Gemini and you may find that it is tinged with sadness or regret but eventually you may begin to realise that changes, although not what you would wish, are for eventual good.

You are likely to find that as the Moon squares up to the Sun your chart is influenced with unfavourable aspects that can produce disappointments, especially in connection with domestic affairs and male family members, friends, or associates. Things will begin to settle down around the end of the week. Till then take care with your words.

The week begins with a decidedly odd period however as the days progress more positive influences appear bringing friends, and others into your surroundings. Musical and artistic people will be significant and you should enjoy their company.

I hope that you managed to clear the air last week Virgo as incoming planets are willing to provide you with ambient conditions that make it perfect for you to build relationship or make new reliable friends. If making changes is required this would be a good time to start.

The current planets suggest that you should sit tight, make no changes, and spend no money. Social issues may incur ill-afforded financial burdens so it would be a good idea to gracefully refuse invitations. Take some time out this week and watch what you eat.

The current position of the Moon and Uranus in your chart may stimulate impulsive reactions and a short temper but you must do what you can to avoid angry outbursts that will fill you with remorse as soon as your words have left your lips.

Negative influences are likely to surround you until the eleventh so bear this in mind when making plans. Until then play your favourite happy music (no sad ballads) and indulge yourself in whatever improves your mood. Get through this irritating period and you can welcome influences that are more positive.

This is a bright and positive period for you Capricorn and someone older or more experienced than you are may offer you some advice that will help you take advantage of opportunities that you have not yet noticed. You can expect greater gains in the future.

Just when you least expect it, your circumstances are likely to improve, but only if you accept an incoming offer. This offer will increase your responsibilities however; these rewards could bring financial benefits but more so, make you feel appreciated.

Mars in harmony with Jupiter will stimulate your initiative and prompt you to do daring or adventurous things and to be frank; this is your path to success. There are several planetary influences around you at this time so much will depend on your own resilience and determination.

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