4th April 2016 Horoscope by Soraya

Aries Free Horoscope

Tuck yourself up in bed with a good book and maybe some snacks, pull the duvet over your head and stay there for the entire week. I take it that you have guessed that this is not a good time for your sign. Maybe next week will be better for you.

You Taurus, can dance as though no one is watching you because the planets are sending you wonderful vibrations and frankly, you are unlikely to put a foot wrong this week. You should be feeling good and looking good too so don’t be surprised when the compliments begin to flow your way.

The first part of the week is likely to be disastrous for you Gemini so do not make any plans to visit family or friends and do not make or keep official appointments. NO! Don’t send letters or write emails either as what you mean and what you say will ultimately be two different things.

Unexpected circumstances may put some considerable financial pressure on you and you may not be able to avoid this. Do what you can and apologise for what you can’t do but do not under any circumstances borrow, as you will be paying back for a long time to come.

Nothing lasts forever and the good vibrations that you should have experienced last week have now moved out of your chart. Be still and patient for a few days and let this awkward period pass making room for something more beneficial.

Sometimes you can just feel that energy building from somewhere deep within you and you know with some certainty that all you want is a really good argument. Your wish is my command, well not really, but the planets might oblige you this week.

You may find yourself doing something that you have never done before and frankly shouldn’t do now either, but the choice is yours. If you want to take a chance without considering the consequences then go for it. On your head be it.

This could be an interesting period for you Scorpio as you become aware of things about yourself that you had not previously noticed. It may be that someone is pointing out your idiosyncrasies or perhaps you are just taking stock and analysing your actions.

It is likely to be the middle of the week before anything of note catches your attention but when it does you may be more inclined to be thinking of yourself and what your wants are rather than what others may need from you. This is an indulgent period but not necessarily a good one.

The beginning of the week starts smoothly with the Moon and Venus blessing your chart making this a lovely time to make new friends and enjoy the company of old ones however by the end of the week things may make an unexpected downturn as Saturn weaves in brining a serious slant to your mood.

For a moment or two Neptune will play tricks on you and your thought processing but then things will begin to become clear and then you might wish that you knew less than you do. Guard your tongue and temper, and do not allow yourself to become irritable or easily excited. At best, this is a confusing period.

You will feel calmer and more in control this week which is a blessing in itself. Mercury and the Moon will arouse your curiosity and as you investigate your financial needs or responsibilities, you will find ways to improve your income and become aware of potential prospects.

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