A review of The Wooden Rose from a reader in Houston Texas

on February 10, 2016
“The Wooden Rose” By Soraya takes us on a trip from almost 100 years ago to present time, through the lives of one family of Travelers aka Gypsies. It begins with such a happy beautiful love between Rose and Eddie that grew over the years of childhood to adulthood,only to end tragically. Then it takes us to present day with Alina and JJ and a horribly failed marriage. Alina failed to follow her instincts and was blinded by the pretty words and actions of a cheating, lying man.After the death of her parents,she finalizes see his true colors. Alina decides to visit a psychic fair to have a Tarot reading, gets mistaken for someone else and is pulled into the fair. Knowing that she used to read for friends before, she decides to take a chance and read them for others and finds she has a knack for it. She’s offered a chance to travel with the fair and she takes it, leaving behind the husband and the life she so desperately needs to escape. This sets her on a journey that leads her to true friends, true love, and her true life path.
I really enjoyed this story a lot. I did struggle with understanding the language of the Travelers in the beginning, but was able to figure it out and enjoy the beauty of it. I love how Soraya brought in touches of the metaphysical, tarot, numerology, runes, dowsing, etc. and gave brief but understandable explanations. These things are woven in a way the seems natural to telling the story.
If you have an interest in things metaphysical then this would be a nice read for you. It also has a nice mystery that is solved through the use of normal channels and tarot, etc. With quite a few splashes of love thrown in and to round it out.


About Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author

Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author of more than thirty Pagan-Wiccan self-help books and five romantic paranormal novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose. Missing and Hiding Knives.
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