19th Jan 2016 Horoscope by Soraya

19th Jan 2016 Horoscope


I hope that you have someone to share with during this period as the planets at work in your chart will stimulate your passions to boiling point. Alas if there is no one there is a good chance that your temper will boil over and that is likely to put paid to any potential passionate encounter.


The start of the week is promising and may even improve on that as the planets move through your chart but expect a downturn by the end of the week and you may find that a few days in bed with the blanket on full are necessary.


The fun mood is over now and serious matters will occupy your mind as Saturn influences your chart. It is likely that the focus of your attention will be on your responsibilities and not anything to worry about but you may wish you had more ‘me time’.


Some nice influences occurring in your chart that will benefit you in one way or another and you will find that this is a harmonious period however Neptune sticks his head around the door just to confuse you and keep things interesting and possibly downright peculiar. Should be a fun time.


This is a favourable period in many ways and you should find that you feel more content in your space. There may be a small financial boost but you won’t really be in a hurry to spend it and are more likely to save it. In fact, the coming period will bring influences were the focus of your attention will be on financial matters.


During this period, you will be inclined to be sociable and friendly however at the same time you should be mindful about what you eat and drink. Joining a dance or exercise club would be beneficial at this time and you will be able to combine being sociable and getting fit.


This is a time for thinking rather than doing and anything that you do should be well planned rather than impulsive. You may be introduced to new people who in turn introduce you to new ideas or better ways to approach existing ones. Keep your thought to yourself to avoid plagiarism.


As the Moon enters your tenth house you should be thinking of your long term plans and since this is the beginning of the year what better time could you choose. Career advancement should be uppermost in your mind and if you do not have enough skills consider taking a course to improve on your existing experience.


You are likely to feel revved up and full of purpose as the Moon and Mars combine to

add fire and tone to your character. There should be plenty to do during this period so don’t worry you won’t be looking for things to get your teeth into but you may be looking for something that thrills.


This is a really good time when you should be able to achieve success in all your undertakings. A busy social calendar will ensure that your play time is occupied but even then you are likely to be enterprising and enthusiastic. Better prospects depend on your efforts during this period.


Your expenses may exceed your income during this period and it will be in your best interest to avoid any inclination towards extravagance. You should also be moderate in your diet and life style avoiding extremes of any kind. As if that wasn’t enough exercise some care in domestic and family matters.


It’s all on your shoulders now and you must work towards what you want. No one can help you as well as you can help yourself. Have a piece of chocolate and take a bold step forward. The chocolate will sweeten the task. Think of helping yourself rather than helping others.


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