Dear Soraya, I feel my life is getting nowhere these days…

I feel my life is getting nowhere these days.

Dear Soraya,
I feel my life is getting nowhere these days. There are not enough people on my wavelength now, though I still try to get out and about – I’m a Reiki healer and I attend a group which I am comfortable with. I am divorced with two grown-up sons who are helpful and live not far away from me, but I have no close friends, except someone who lives overseas. Can you can enlighten me a little about my life, please?

Dear Follower
Born under the sign of Pisces you are a natural healer and need to feel as though you are helping people to find fulfilment. That leads me to believe that if you could find some voluntary work with the WRVS in a hospital tearoom or perhaps doing something in a charity shop you would fulfil two needs. The first would be helping others and the second would be meeting people.The first step in making friends is meeting people and either of these options would help you to do that.

Reiki healing mind body and spirit


You could also offer your reiki services to a community, health, or cancer care centre. Once your time is filled with other obligations and you are doing something to help other you will feel much better in yourself.



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