29 December 2015 Horoscope by Soraya

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26 Dec – 8th Jan 2016 Horoscope
Since we are rapidly moving toward the New Year perhaps you should concentrate some effort on making plans. The written word will help you to formulate ideas and might even help you to make some extra money.
The end of the year will bring in some changes for you and yours Taurus so make some time to clear the decks and leave nothing to chance. Preparing for this now will save you lots of time later.
You will be happier when this year ends and the New Year begins. Just hang in there for the time being and wait for better days to come. In the meantime stay among positive minded people and keep your spirits up.
Mars and Mercury will sharpen your intellect and make you more enterprising and if you act on this influence your success is assured. Official matters will be positive. Communication is the key to everything so listen carefully and speak your mind.
As the year ends you should widen your horizons and embrace opportunities and possibilities that you are capable of taking advantage of. Have courage and move forward. You have often thought about what is possible, now is the time to try it out.
New friends and acquaintances are often made during the holiday period and you will benefit from the same. Expect a small increase in your income. Spend some of this extra on yourself and enjoy a good social life while it is on offer.
Maintain a calm and quiet temperament during the festivities whilst the current planets negatively influence your chart and you will be able to avoid some problems. As a Libran you are very capable of cutting to the bone, try to avoid doing that at this time.
The New Year should prove to be much better than the end of the old one. You can look forward to better times and a happier frame of mind. Now ask yourself what is the best way to approach various situations, make a sensible plan and stick to it.

Put all serious or important matter to one side and use this period to enjoy social, artistic, and romantic activity. This is a wonderful influence to start the year and it could go on for some time but remember with every up there is a down so make the most of it.
Use this period wisely and work smart as well as hard. All literary undertakings and business pursuits will prosper and your mind will be energized and stimulated. Try to end the old year with a blank “to Do” list so that you can start a fresh one for the New Year.
The Moon and Mercury cooperate and make you feel as though you can accomplish or achieve just about anything and you probably can at this time. Strike while the iron is hot and you may even surprise yourself by what you can do.
Financial matters may weigh heavily on you and if that is not the case do your best to avoid it becoming so. Do not become a guarantor for anyone. Better to say “I am sorry I cannot afford to.” Than have to say “Please can you help me out.”

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