Dear Soraya, Please help me…

Dear Soraya,
Please help me. I’ve always considered myself strong and capable (I’m a Capricorn) but since my husband died I have just gone to pieces. I miss him dreadfully and I can’t seem to make any decisions on my own. It’s been nearly two years now – surely I should be getting better?
Dear Follower
How long should a bereavement period last? No one can answer that question. Everyone is different, and will recover from the loss of a loved one each in their own way and in their own time.

It does not matter what sign of the zodiac that you are born under, emotional pain is emotional pain no matter how you dress it up but there is a crystal that may help you. It is said that the Apache Teardrop was formed from the tears of the apache women when the saw their brave warriors slaughtered.

The Great Spirit was so moved by their grief that he turned their tears to crystal. Some say carrying this stone helps to ease the pain of loss. On a more practical level, try to fill your time with tasks that occupy your mind and when you do think of your husband think of him with joy that you had known him rather than the sadness of having lost him.

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