Think of a Question, Pick a random number, I will Answer your question!

Pick a Number any number and I will answer your question

  • Think of one question
  • Pick a random number – not a birth date or favourite number – just a random four digit number
  • Post your number in the comments
  • I will answer your questions –

Try it – what have you got to lose

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Soraya, International Psychic Consultant, Numerologist, Astrologer, White Witch and Bestselling Author of The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Series of romantic paranormal mystery novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose.
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11 Responses to Think of a Question, Pick a random number, I will Answer your question!

  1. spelldrawn says:

    Hi Soraya,
    Thank you


    • Merry Meet Spelldrawn – an unusual choice of numbers- anyway it looks as though you are coming to the end of something and someone will be instrumental in showing you how to acheive that – A reunion is likely – property features strongly in your choice as does the sign of Leo – You may think that you know where you are going and what you are doing but you are about to be surprised by an unexpected turn of events which will change everythng for the better and lead you into a very fertile period – pregnancy and the caring professions important too either for you or someone close – foreign place and people will influence decisions but the oputcome for you is a positive one. Look around you at the moment – this time next year everyngh will be different Hope that helps – Feedback would be great

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      • spelldrawn says:

        Thank you, Soraya, I have just read this now and I had a reunion yesterday with school friends from 20 years ago! We have also been having unexpected home renovations and I am trying to work out how to leave my job and pursue a different career possibly, so you are bang on, as usual! Thank you so much, blessings, love and light 💞


      • spelldrawn says:

        PS I am a nurse, thinking of writing and drawing more.


  2. shibumimc says:

    I’s a damn good thing my horoscope was not DONT CROSS A STREET TODAY. As there was no reply – I’d be flat by now.


    • shibumimc – Hi There sorry I did not get to your number immediately – In the very near future you will have a Eureka moment – find something that you have been looking for or acheive something that you have been struggling with – There is likley to be a “blast from the past” perhaps an old friend or an old love – someone close will announce a birth or pregnancy and the caring professions are significant ie the medical profession or care in the community – A lump some of money will come to you and you are about to make a decision to do or not do something – there is a crossroads and you will have to make a choice- there will be some sadness and someone is hiding a depression and you should also e wary of who you trust as there may be a betrayal of some kind Hope that helps
      Feedback would be great
      Blessings Soraya


    • Yellowstarl – You may shed some tears but you will also make good solid plans for your future and look further afield – legal medical or official matter will work in your favour – you will find that you go places and do things that you have never done before and you will relocate either your home job or business and this will lead to stability and security – someone older than you is likely to be very significant in the near future – You are on the verge of a new and exciting chapter in your life.
      Feedback would be great – Blessings Soraya


    • The sign of Leo is significant – that could be a person or the time os year covered by that sign but to be honest it is more likely to be a person in this case. You have a choice to make and it may be connected to relationships career or property and education is featured – in a short time someone will make you an offer or even ask for your help – whatever it is do it or take because although at first it may not appear to be important it will lead you onto the next level or path and then you will be in the right place at the right time for a new door to open.
      You are about to or have just reached the end of a chapter in your life and there is a good chance that at this time you feel frustrated waiting for this or that to happen but trust me on this a new chapter is about to begin and you may find that you go somewhere that you have never been before or do things that are completely new to you. Foreign countries or people could be significant in this new phase. Ultimately you are heading for a period of fertility and growth. The caring professions and pregnancy are very relevant and things from the past arrive in the present.
      I hope that helps you Eileen Mac – feedback would be great –
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      on Twitter @SorayaBooks
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