Dear Soraya, I have been estranged from my daughter…

Dear Soraya

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Dear Soraya,
I have been estranged from my daughter for twelve years, her dreadful moods being the problem. She now lives in Tasmania with her husband and little girls. Recently I understand the doctors discovered she has coeliac disease. I want to know if there is any possibility of having contact with her again.


Dear Follower
I can genuinely sympathise with you and understand that there is nothing more dreadful than finding out that your daughter has been ill from another source.Mothers, expect that daughters will always love and need them and it comes as a shock and breaks our hearts when we find out that we are not loved or needed.

I can sit and consult the stars and use other means to find out if there is any chance that you will have contact with your daughter but at the end of the day, it comes right down to one of you lifting the phone or writing a letter to the other.

Which one will that be? Will you wait to hear from your daughter, or will you be the first to make contact? I am certain that you will be afraid of rejection and perhaps she has these fears too.  I hope that one of you makes contact soon because the joy you will feel when you hear her voice cannot be compared to anything else.

About Soraya International Psychic Consultant, and Author

Soraya, International Psychic Consultant, Numerologist, Astrologer, White Witch and Bestselling Author of The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Series of romantic paranormal mystery novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose.
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