Dear Soraya, I would like to move back to my native Ireland

Dear Soraya,
I have put my home up for sale, as I would like to move back to my native Ireland to be near my children and grandchildren. Can you see me moving and realising my dreams in the near future?

Dear Follower,
I have had a look at your personal horoscope for the year ahead and there are two fortuitous periods when relocating would be likely and beneficial. These two periods are from 20th to 23rd May 13 and from 20th to 22nd November. You can of course relocate at other times however; in your case, the periods mentioned are more likely to bring you a greater sense of achievement and happiness.
All of the above will depend on you planning your change of address around these times and of course on your success in selling your home in the first place but since the planets are favourable around these period, selling is more likely than not.
To speed up the process you may want to try the following. Cut out a picture of your home from your estate agents schedule in a size that will fit into a small frame. Write the word “Sold” across the front of the picture and place it in the frame. Place a silver coin in the frame along with the picture; you can use a five, ten, or fifty pence coin. Put the frame back together and place it in a prominent position in the room that you spend most time. The kitchen windowsill is perfect because every time you fill your kettle or wash your dishes the picture will catch your eye. Place a small T Lite on a fireproof dish, light your candle each morning, and say a little prayer to your God or favourite saint.
Remember to snuff your candle out before you leave the kitchen and do not blow it out otherwise you will scatter and weaken your wishes.
Blessings Soraya

About Soraya International Psychic Consultant, and Author

Soraya, International Psychic Consultant, Numerologist, Astrologer, White Witch and Bestselling Author of The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Series of romantic paranormal mystery novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose.
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