The Magick has already begun

The Magick has already begun

The Magick has already begun

Do you believe that there is a reason for everything?
Do you believe that if you wish hard enough anything is possible?

Do you that you can do more in your life?
Have you noticed that sometimes what you want happens almost before you express the desire?

Where are you now? Standing in a shop or sitting in your favourite chair at home.

Perhaps someone has given you this book; perhaps you have been drawn to it.
Either way the magick has already begun.

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But what is magick? magick is the art of causing change in accordance with your will. In other words making things happen as you would wish them to. magick is simply the manipulation of energy.

Some people are afraid of magick and so they should be because magick is powerful stuff. Some say that magick is black or evil, white or good, but the truth is there is no black, white evil or good magick, its all the same. There are however good people and evil people. If your heart is filled with evil or wicked intentions then this book is not for you. But then again, perhaps it is. Perhaps this book has come to you so that you can change your ways.

The first rule of magick is “And it harm none so be it” The reason for this is simple. Whatever you put out will come back to you three fold, in other words send out good wishes or words and three times that amount will come back to you. Send out bad wishes or words and the same will apply. Three times that amount will come back to you.
To understand that you have to understand a little more of how magick works.

When we desire something the thing we normally do is to think of it. Then we might talk about it to someone close. Some people take things a little further and do something about achieving what they want. If it is an item that can be purchased, they might start saving for it. Making the magick happen is as simple as that but with knowledge and practice it can go much further.

About Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author

Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author of The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Series of romantic paranormal mystery novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose.
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