Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes are my favourite

Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes are my favourite

Today, in every lifestyle, we are familiar with symbols or signs. We have them on our roads telling us to slow down, speed up or stop. Petrol Stations, supermarkets, political parties, and the medical profession all use symbols and some of them come from this ancient Nordic culture.

When we cross our fingers to make a wish, we are making another symbol called Gefu representing harmony and togetherness.

Each Rune tells a story to help us to understand or deal with issues in our life. Some Runes, no matter which way they fall look exactly the same, an x for example which is the symbol for Gefu looks the same both ways while others in the upside down position give a more negative interpretation.

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Of all the esoteric disciplines that are used today, for me, the Runes have proved themselves time and again to be among the most accurate of them all. I remember the first time that I heard of them. I wondered what they were and as usual being an avid numerologist I started to work out the hidden influence in the word Rune. The numerological value in Rune is twenty-two and this number is associated with crossing a bridge.

Quite apt really since casting the Runes will allow us to cross the bridge between the present and the future. I was fascinated when I first became acquainted with Runes and I wondered how they could help me in my life.

I put them in an onyx box and kept them beside my bed. Each night before I went to sleep I would draw one Rune, thinking as I did so “What have I experienced today.” It was not long before I realised how accurate that they were. Later I would draw one in the morning asking what the day would have in store for me. I managed to take advantage of opportunities that were shown to me and to avoid some pitfalls too.

Sometimes when I would draw a Rune I would be wary of the symbol that I had chosen and imagining the worst, I would be afraid that the predicted day’s events would be disastrous. I remember on one particular mormimg, I was lying in my bed thinking about what I had to do that day. I realised with delight that I had no appointments and no pressing responsibilities. With a smile on my face at the thought of a free day I drew a Rune from my box.

The smile disappeared from my face as I looked at the Rune that I had drawn. It foretold sudden unexpected changes. I couldn’t resist the temptation to draw another Rune to try to find the influences surrounding these sudden changes. This time I drew a Rune that depicted the home and matters connected to property. More panic! I was so concerned that something not very pleasant would happen that I was afraid to go out visiting or shopping.

Around noon a large delivery van arrived with my new suite aboard. I had expected it to arrive two weeks later but here it was being delivered and I hadn’t made arrangements to have the old one uplifted. Luckily a quick call to the local charity shop solved that problem and eventually I was able to put my house back to rights with a nice new suite instead of two suites. What I am really trying to say here is, do not imagine the worst as I did when I first began to use Runes.

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