Dear Soraya, Until recently I cared for my 100 year old grandmother

Dear Soraya,
Until recently I cared for my 100 year old grandmother (recently passed away) for many years. My elderly mother now needs care, and I also look after grandchildren twice a week. I dream of moving to a village for a bit of peace and quiet, with a nice garden to potter about in. Also, I would like to do a part-time college course before it is too late. Can you see a better future ahead or am I destined to care for everyone else without a thought for myself.

Dear Follower
Born under the sign of Libra you are by nature a stickler for doing the right thing and this is probably why you have taken on more responsibility than you want or perhaps can cope with.

Balance and harmony are also traits of yours so perhaps you have accepted these responsibilities to maintain harmony in the family dynamics. You will be pleased to know that in addition to these honourable qualities you yield the sword of power which you are capable of using whenever you decide that enough is enough. This sword gives you the ability to sever ties that hold you back or it can be used as a tool to re-create or carve the future that you desire.

All you really have to do is re-organise and re-structure the family dynamic to release you from some of your responsibilities so that you can pursue some quality time for yourself doing what you want to do. The only person holding you back is yourself.

About Soraya International Psychic Consultant, and Author

Soraya, International Psychic Consultant, Numerologist, Astrologer, White Witch and Bestselling Author of The Mystery of the Wooden Rose Series of romantic paranormal mystery novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose.
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