Birthday Forecast for Graham Struthers by Soraya

This is a very weak but good aspect and may bring you some reward if your mind or energy enables you to respond to this unusual vibration...

This is a very weak but good aspect and may bring you some reward if your mind or energy enables you to respond to this unusual vibration…

Birthday Forecast for Graham Struthers
12/04/2015 ( U) Moon Bi-Quintile Uranus (N) (Strong 10Apr15 – 13Apr15)
This is a very weak but good aspect and may bring you some reward if your mind or energy enables you to respond to this unusual vibration. It will certainly cause some changes, either mentally or physically, and will give you an opportunity to raise your consciousness to a higher level. Therefore, action resulting from this aspect should not be impulsive or hasty, but of a deliberately reformative and progressive nature. This is not a bad influence, and it may bring new friends and some relationship with others that will be useful to you. If any changes are desirable, this will be a good time to set them in motion. You will find yourself oddly attracted to the opposite sex, and the magnetism of others will affect you strangely. You should guard against yielding too readily to your feelings.

15/04/2015 ( U) Moon Semi-Square Neptune (N) (Strong 13Apr15 – 16Apr15)
This is a weak aspect that may not affect you in any marked manner, but you should still be on your guard when making new friends and acquaintances while it operates. You should be prepared for deception, fraud and illusions, for those who want to take advantage of you will easily influence your mind. Keep your dealings with the opposite sex refined and respectable now, and do not undertake anything you do not fully understand. Keep your eyes open so that you will not be unwittingly imposed upon or deceived. Your dreams will be very strange and odd now; in fact this influence will probably affect you chiefly when out of the body in sleep.

18/04/2015 ( U) Venus Opposition Jupiter (N) (Strong 01Apr15 – 04May15)
This is a very unfavourable position for social affairs, for travel and for all monetary affairs. Avoid all waste and extravagance, and ensure that your expenditure does not exceed your income. Be sure not to lend money to anyone or become guarantor for another, as you are liable to be involved in heavy losses or suffer some other financial embarrassment. This is a period, in which legal troubles are threatened, and much opposition may result; therefore great care is necessary to avoid all risky ventures, especially where money is concerned. It is unfavourable for religious matters and for dealing with ecclesiastics and other social or moral leaders.

21/04/2015 ( U) Moon Tridectile Pluto (N) (Strong 20Apr15 – 22Apr15)
A period of change in your home life and social environment is probable. You have an intense emotional outlook on life with the urge to get things done and make a fresh start if that seems necessary: the old must make way now for the new. You may also have a small financial windfall of some kind.

02/05/2015 ( U) Moon Trine Mercury (N) (Strong 01May15 – 04May15)
This aspect will bring increased mental activity, stimulating your intellect and enabling you to display latent talents. The brain and intellect are working together seamlessly, allowing you to express perfectly all that has been dormant within you and enabling you to make this a fortunate and successful period. You will have an inquiring mind and keen intelligence, and if you apply your mind, you will learn a great deal under this influence. This is a good time for writing and correspondence, traveling, making changes or to move home, if necessary. All literary undertakings and business pursuits will now prosper, and the more the mind is energized and stimulated, the more alert and effective will it become. A great deal depends upon your ability to use this period wisely, for this is a stage where good and useful work may be done, not only for the present, but also for the future.

03/05/2015 ( U) Moon Sextile Saturn (N) (Strong 01May15 – 04May15)
This is a very favourable influence, denoting some gain through either merit or persistence. It will bring you responsibility and possibly advancement, and your affairs will not have more stability and security. Your mind will tend to become serious, thoughtful and sedate under this aspect, and a more persevering, prudent and sober spirit will motivate your actions. You will find yourself more earnest and sincere under this influence, for its general tone will be soothing and steadying. You should make the most of this period, putting all your affairs in good order and allowing its influence to benefit you in matters relating to business or other important matters in hand. Under this lunar direction you will make new and faithful friendships and will benefit through the help and advice of those who will now become your friends. You will gain in honour and reputation and may rise to a higher position in life through its influence. You may also gain esteem and recognition in the social sphere in which you move.

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