Sell Property Spell

Sell Property Spell

Spell to sell my property or Move Home
Cut out the picture of the house you are selling as it appears on your schedule. Write across it in bold print SOLD FOR £***** (insert the price that you hope to achieve) and put the date of the spell under the selling price. Put it into a frame with a silver or gold coin and an old key. Sit the framed picture somewhere prominent and light a candle in front of it and burn this candle continuously (if possible). When the candle burns out, light another. Each time you look at the picture say a little prayer to your God. If you have to put the candle out DO NOT BLOW IT OUT wet your fingers and pinch it out or use a candle snuff.


By candle light I make my vow
The time for us to move is now
No more delays to circumvent
with funds secured we’re all content

And it harm none so mote it be

About Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author

Soraya, White Witch and Bestselling Author of more than thirty Pagan-Wiccan self-help books and five romantic paranormal novels, Before the Rose, The Wooden Rose and After the Rose. Missing and Hiding Knives.
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